Monday, December 06, 2010

Sound Friction N°2 - The Zen Ensemble

Date: 17 December 2010 (Friday)
Time: 9:15 - 11 pm
Venue: Videotage
Address: Unit 13, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kln. HK

FREE ADMISSION (Seats are limited, RSVP at
*Alongside with Videotage’s Christmas gathering

mAtter from Tokyo, featuring Yukitomo Hamasaki + shotahirama (Electronics),
Go Koyashiki (Electronics), Toshikazu Goto (Electronics) + Fumiko Ikeda (Voice)
Alok (Electronic), KWC (Electronic), Sin:Ned (Silence, Live Visuals) From Hong Kong

As the second gig of the series Sound Friction, The Zen Ensemble will be the most noiseless and tranquil sound performance of this year.

Inspired by the concept of emptiness in Zen Buddhism, the dynamic Japanese multi-disciplinary group mAtter, together with selected Hong Kong sound artists, will bring us 'The Zen Ensemble' - a conceptual group that explores the composition and performance of silence.

For this special performance, a set of rules is composed to guide the artists to play ‘silence’ rather than making sound. In Zen Buddhism (an adaptation of Chinese Buddhism), it is said that our existence can only be found in the silence of the mind (or in fact, no-mind). The Zen Ensemble will be the first and only sound performance in Hong Kong that invites you to experience the absence of sound.

Together with stunning live visuals, this quiet sound revolution of The Zen Ensemble at Videotage is definitely a must-go for electronics and sound art lovers.


mAtter is a Japanese design group and independent music label that combines talents from various disciplines, including the acclaimed designer and sound composer Yukitomo Hamasaki, in which he draws his inspirations through nature elements such as light and space. Together the group blends sound and produce projects that integrate architecture, image-making and design. The tranquil sound quality contains layered waves of irregular clicks, pops, beeps and breaks, which brings the noise listening experience and sound art to a new level. For example the high frequency sound used in the album "d+p", some listeners claimed that it has an effect to distort their perspective on surrounding environmental noise.

Jointly presented by Videotage and Re-records, the Sound Friction series take sonic art as the anchor point and develop a creative performance platform for cross-cultural, cross-media, cross-disciplinary and cross-genres collaboration between artists.

About the Artists

mAtter is a sound & design project, with works centering around Yukitomo Hamasaki. The label takes approaches from various media such as sound design, architecture, and product design, in which the members interpret and restructures these concepts in different ways based on their own perspection, and try to achieve the goal of constructing dense space. The members of mAtter are not fixed, they collaborate depend on the projects. Its members consist of musicians, architects, video artists, and writers. Current members include:
Yukitomo Hamasaki:
Go Koyashiki:
Junji Koyanagi:

Sin:Ned is an idiosyncratic audio experimentalist, writer and live visualist. He is also a member of No One Pulse and the co-founder of the experimental imprint Re-Records.

While not designing, KWC spends time cutting loops and recording with his non-standard portable devices, he's 1/2 of the electro-acoustic improvisation duo No One Pulse. While not making sounds, KWC spends time designing under the alias of Sleepatwork and occasionally curating art projects as well.

Sound artist, guitarist and bassist. In 2002, he set up his own record label Lona Records, and started working as a producer. From the end of 2002 to 2009, he released 5 albums and 5 cd singles. He has played and participated in more than 100 shows and experimental events / projects in Hong Kong and China.

About the Organizers

[Doc: Documentary/Documents] - archiving art related projects, exhibitions, and installations.
[On: On Location] - an attempt to focus on field recordings and other site specific recordings.

Videotage is a leading non-profit organization in facilitation, promoting and presenting new media art in Hong Kong. Since 1986, Videotage has developed itself from an umbrella for media artists to a media art and culture network for cross-disciplinary cultural productions and international exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Jointly presented by Re-Records & Videotage


facebook's event page:

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

iii – Beat Vulgaris

Cut from a 90 mins live recording, iii sampled/mixed/bent/mashed a selection of upbeat party hits and misses in their own eclectic yet peculiar style in Wikitopia Closing Party on Sep 18th, 2010 at Videotage, Hong Kong.


One-click subscription with iTunes:

Saturday, November 06, 2010


Rooftops in our city are either luxurious private territories or outlets for exhaust-pipes and ventilators - they are unnoticed, sometimes wasted. OPEN ROOF is about listening to and on rooftops and balconies. It is a call to set free a layer of urban life from the routines of looking up and looking past. It is a call to imagine the in-between. OPEN ROOF is also about caring for rooftops as unique and endangered soundscapes of Hong Kong. Imagine standing in urban enclaves hewn out by the drones of the low and the screeching winds of the high - our ears are bigger than we think.


Sunday Dec 5, 2010 | 4-5pm @ patio of Object Factory
Fast Forward with musicians Margie Tong (percussion), Cathy Wong (pipa), Peter Scherr (bass), Sham Kin Yu (dizi) and more
one early winter sunset…a rare mix of Chinese and Western musical instruments and ordinary objects against a sonic environment of ocean waves, north-easterly winds, and ship horns coming through the Lamma channel.
作曲家 Fast Forward 與中阮、琵琶、低音提琴及敲擊樂師面向南丫島的大陽台,奏出初冬日落。
HK$500 free for children under 12; shuttle bus included

Saturday Dec 11, 2010 | 12noon-5pm @ outside Hong Kong Arts Centre
EXCHANGING AMBIENCE – a participatory sonic event | 轉換環境 — 一個或許由聽者調停的聲音事件
Anthony Yeung Ngor-wah
a microphone is open – you may come and go; what it takes from below, it brings up to two floors above ground. But where? You ask. Only distance will tell.
FREE | 費用全免

Saturday Dec 11, 2010 , 7 – 8pm @ soundpocket
Sin: Ned
sonic secrets to be liberated at a secret location - imagine letting loose a lantern in the dark night sky.
HK$120 free for children under 12; shuttle bus included

Venue addresses | 場地資料
Object Factory
Unit 303, Harbour Industrial Centre, No.10 Lee Hing Street, Ap Lei Chau - shuttle bus departs at 3pm, Edinburgh Place, Central
香港鴨脷洲利興街10號港灣工貿中心3樓303室 (穿梭巴士下午三時從中環愛丁堡廣場往鴨脷洲)

Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai

Unit 10C, Gee Chang Industrial Building, 108 Lok Shan Road, Tokwawan, Kowloon - shuttle bus departs at 6pm, entrance of Hong Kong Art Centre (Fenwick Street Drop-off point) to soundpocket, and at 8’30pm, from soundpocket to Central.
* 穿梭巴士下午六時從香港藝術中心開出到聲音掏腰包,八時半從聲音掏腰包開出到中環

Ticketing | 購票辦法
Email the number of tickets you like for Dec 5 and Dec 11. We will contact you in due course regarding payment method. Limited seats. Please purchase your tickets now to avoid disappointment. All purchases are non-refundable.
請電郵至 閣下購票的數量,我們將隨即與你聯絡,提供繳費及交收門票辦法。恕不設退款。

Enquiry | 查詢
Susie Law 羅小姐96021229 |

Monday, November 01, 2010

Sound Friction 1: Live + Workshop

Sound Friction No 1: Electronic No Wave – The Bent Orchestra

::vtol:: aka Dmitry Morozov (Russia)
The Bent Orchestra - ::vtol:: + No One Pulse (Hong Kong)
Wong Chung-Fai (Hong Kong) – Live Visuals
Shelf-Index (Hong Kong) – Opening Act

Date: Nov-20
Time: 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Venue: Videotage
Admission: $120 (at door) / $100 (student/advance)

Jointly presented by Re-Records & Videotage

When digital electronic music hardware and software is presenting to us unlimited choices and options through a mass production industrial model, are we simply operators facing unlimited options? Or is there still room and possibility beyond such mass production model?

Returning to the small scale family business model and the philosophy of “small is beautiful”, a group of advanced circuit benders have been designing and producing limited run of handmade electronic instruments of their own design. They evolve directly from the “no rules” philosophy of Circuit Bending and insist on handcrafting creative chaos out of hardware limitation.

Russia electronic artist ::vtol:: (Dmitry Morozov) is one of them. In Sound Friction 1, he will be performing with his own handmade modular synthesizer system, to show us not only new possibilities in electronic sound, but also electronic visuals.

Local electroacoustic duo No One Pulse, will be presenting handmade electronic instruments from infamous instrument designers such as Folktek, BugBrand and Eric Archer, to perform a sound jam with ::vtol::’s system as the Bent Orchestra.

Moreover, ::vtol:: will be bring along a few extra units of his synthesizers to the live show, for those who are interested to purchase.

In addition to the live performance, ::vtol:: will also conduct a workshop at Videotage, in which he will explain the basics of synthesizer, and lead the participants to complete the Matreshka Generators (a sound generating object of his own design)

Matreshka Generators Workshop by ::vtol::

Facilitator: Dmitry Morozov aka ::vtol::

Date: Nov-21
Time: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Venue: Videotage
...Fee: $350 (with advance reservation, limited to 10 participants, incl. all parts and materials for the Matreshka Generators)

Jointly presented by Re-Records & Videotage

Matreshkas are traditional Russian wood toys colored by hand in a folk art-style. But we will be working on a new generation of Matreshkas, and we can decorate them anyway that we want! During this workshop we will create a special sound producing object and piece of art at the same time.

The electronic part is a single chip synthesizer with several functions for creating a complex sound generator. With this example many DIY synthesizer basics like square wave oscillators, amplitude and frequency modulation, and signal summation will be explained.

The provided KIT will include all electronic components and wooden parts. All tools required for building it will be available on site. It's preferable if participants have knowledge of basic soldering.

You can bring any materials you want to paint and decorate MGs - markers, paint, plastic parts, hair - anything!!!

About the artists

::vtol:: is a project of a Moscow media-artist, musician and engineer of strange-sounding mechanisms, Dmitry Morozov.

Starting in mid-2000s, within the context of his music project, Dmitry actively began using DIY and circuit-bent instruments.

At the same time, he began making instruments for other musicians, which made him the first serial synthesizer producer in all of post-soviet territories, after USSR's collapse.

Besides making music and instruments, Dmitry creates interactive sound art-installations and advocates circuit bending and DIY in Russia by means of lectures and workshops. He has participated in many festivals in Russia, USA and Israel.

No One Pulse
No One Pulse is an experimental / electro-acoustic duo from Hong Kong, formed by Wong Chung-fai (Sin:Ned) and Chau Kin-wai (KWC) in 2006. By means of non-musical instruments and devices, the two aim to explore the conceptual application of free improvisation and free-from electronics that embraces randomness, chaotic structure, and microsound methodology. The duo is also the mastermind behind the experimental imprint Re-Records.

Wong Chung-Fai
Also known as Sin:Ned. An idiosyncratic audio experimentalist, writer and live visualist. Member of No One Pulse and co-founder of the experimental imprint Re-Records.

Electronic musician and DJ from Hong Kong who produces cutting edge electronica with broken beats and sampled materials. Had offered live performance in event such as Sound in the Park and Rebuilding Haiti.

Enquiry & reservation:

Email: Tel: 2573-1869 (Ms. Kami Liu)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whisper Music Festival 2010

Time: Saturday at 3:00pm - October 31 at 3:00am

Location: 深圳大梅沙海濱公園公共海灘 DaMeiSha Beach Park,YanTian district,Shenzhen,China


何韻詩&friends (香港)
歐陽靖&陳奐仁 (香港)
與非門 (中國)
...Mijk Van Dijk (Sony Playstation 德國)
Mickey Moonlights (Ed Banger 英國)
Pop Levi (Ninja Tune 英國)
Bunny Holidays (Empire Inc 美國)
DJ Marius Ilonita (Bar Groove 羅馬尼亞)
European Hip Hop All Stars (德國)
Amino Shower (香港)
Kz (香港)
Alok (A Roller Control)+ Sin:Ned (香港)
UNiXX (香港)
VJ Add+Team (香港)
DJ BLing ( 梁兆輝@香港人山人海音樂團體)
CHEE Production精氣神 (中國)
Jiangliang 蔣亮 (中國)
DJ Neebing (中國)
DJ Cavia (中國)
DJ David (中國)
DJ Steven H (中國)
DJ Rose Wang (中國)


羅湖萬象城Gucci店 (地鐵大劇院站C出口),時間:14:00 16:00 17:00 19:00
福田cocopark (地鐵購物公園站A出口),時間:14:30 16:30 17:30 19:30
大梅沙海濱公園停車場 00:30


香港區查詢:+852 6979-4046 (Timm)

HOCC & Band (HK)
Mc Jin & Hanjin (HK)
Mijk Van Dijk (Sony Playstation GER)
Mickey Moonlights (Ed Banger UK)
Pop Levi (Ninja Tune UK)
Bunny Holidays (Empire Inc USA)
DJ Marius Ilonita (Bar Groove ROM)
European Hip Hop All Stars (GER)
Amino Shower (HK)
Kz (HK)
Alok (A Roller Control)+Sin:Ned (HK)
VJ Add+Team (HK)
DJ BLing (Brian Leung @ People Mountain People Sea)
CHEE Production精氣神 (CHN)
Jiangliang 蔣亮 (CHN)
DJ Neebing (CHN)
DJ Cavia (CHN)
DJ David (CHN)
DJ Steven H (CHN)
DJ Rose Wang (CHN)

On-site open: creative fair,Graffiti area,drink and food sale

Free Bus schedule:
Gucci,Mixcity,(Metrorail Da Jui Yuen station exit C)14:00 16:00 19:00
Coco park, (Metrorail Gau Wu Kung Yuen station exit A) 14:30 16:30 19:30
Public parking,DaMeiSha Beach park 12:30 am

Ticket Price
available at HK Ticketing and Tom Lee outlet
HK Ticketing:
Hotline: 31-288-288

Official website:
HK inquiry hotline:+852 6979 4046 (Timm)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

梁国健大米计划之【无肉】影 像|声音|装置 艺术展

Visual | Sound | Installation Art Exhibition
Time 时间 : 2010.10.15-31
Venue 地点 : 南海文化馆一楼展览馆
Floor 1 Exhibition hall,Nanhai Culture Center

Part1 : Workshop讲座十表演
Time 时间 : 2010.10.16 14:00—16:30
Venue 地点 : 南海文化馆一楼展览馆
Floor 1 EXhibition hall,Nanhai Culture Center

电子音乐—陆正 (深圳)
Video—Day 0(Tianjin)
Guqin—Shen peiji(Fujian)

Part2:Wine Party 酒会
Time 时间:2010.10.16 17:00
Venue 地点 : 元丽和画廊 Ninliho gallery

免费入场 Free tickets
查询 Info | 元丽和画廊:0757-83672680 86329091
南海文化馆 : 0757-86225314 86328524 [张惠燕/李燕红]
链接 Link |
策展人 Curator:张迪宥
主 办 Organizer:南海区文化馆 | 元丽和画廊
协 办 Co-organizer:weplay | 臻辉文化

制 作 Production:Dragon scene(HK)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wikitopia [聲影搗碎派對 Audiovisual Mash-up Party]

藝術家:DJ Pogo (澳洲), iii (香港)
票價: HK$120 (標準/ 即場) HK$100 (學生/ 預售)

我們將為來賓送上以群眾外包方法(crowdsourcing)所集成,並由筆記本樂團iii實現的音樂清單,並請來網絡界紅人Pogo(澳洲電子音樂家及DJ)作DJ / VJmash up表演,以聲影震撼全場,為是次文化祭畫上完美句號。
在這次香港的表演,Pogo除了會表演他的經典remix作品外,亦會多首未曾發表過的新作。表演同時為錄映太奇另一活動「再整香港」(REMAKE HK) 揭幕。

[聲影搗碎派對: 門票買一送一﹗]
1. 給我們提議音樂 (提供歌曲資料如名稱,歌手,或音樂連結)
2. 給我們發送音樂/聲音檔案(您必須是版權擁有者)
3. 從iii的音樂清單中選出喜愛的音樂(即將推出﹗)
任何音樂/聲音類形均無任歡迎! 請放膽建議!

到上述連結登記成為用戶後,按 ”upload files“ 上傳音樂/聲音檔案
在 Indabamusic “comment” 一欄留下你的建議或音樂連結; 亦可選擇在Facebook Event 專頁中留言
你將會透過facebook或indabamusic (depending on which platform you use) 收到一個優惠密碼,你只需連同此密碼聯絡我們並預留門票,即可享買一送一之特別優惠﹗

電子音樂家 / VJ
Pogo(原名Nick Bertke)是來自澳洲伯斯的國際知名電子音樂家及VJ。他的作品風格獨特,多從電影或電影特定的場景中錄取聲音,然後將聲音排序製成新的音樂,深受歡迎。


[Audiovisual Mashup Party]
Artists: Pogo (AU), iii (HK)
Date: 19 September 2010 (Sun)
Time: 8pm-11pm
Venue: tbc
Ticket: HK$120 (Standard/ At Door) HK$100 (Student/ Advance)
::Original price includes ONE Drink::
Please RSVP at

The party will feature a crowdsourcing play list realized by local sound artist group iii and an audiovisual mash up by Australian electronic music artist and DJ, the Internet sensation: Pogo.
The party will also mark the launch of another major project presented by Videotage - REMAKE HK, an online video participatory project regenerating Hong Kong’s history.

[About the artists]

Electronic musician / VJ
Pogo (born Nick Bertke) is an internationally renowned electronic musician and VJ from Perth, Australia. He has gained popularity for his unique work recording small sounds from a film or a specific scene, and sequencing the sounds together to form a new piece of music.
In just a few months, Pogo has developed youtube footprint of over 14 millions views with only 11 videos. He has over 50,000 subscribers, making him one of the most subscribed to independent musicians ever online. He has been sought after and done work with Walt Disney, Pixar, Oprahʼs Harpo Studios, Honda, Subaru, Showtime, Art Basel in Miami, The Guggenheim in NYC and many others.
Although gaining recognition through Youtube, many of Pogo’s tracks are available for download at where examples from his combined discography have been heard over 1,600,000 times.
Pogo is the first VJ ever to strike a long term movie remixing deal with a major movie studio. His first project from Pixar entitled Upular, outpaced Pixarʼs own channel views 2:1, garnering 1.5 millions views in less than a month and was praised by the Wall Street Journal.

iii is a sample-based laptop group who works on the idea of genres bending. With no fixed members and always in flux, members of iii not only sample from their source materials, but also sample one another and re-sample themselves on stage.
iii loves canto-pop and all kinds of outdated cheesy tune and popular icon. But depending on the occasion, one might also spot them playing something else.

Audiovisual Mashup Party: Buy 1 get 1 free!

[Contribute to our Crowdsourcing Playlist]

On 19 September 2010 (Sunday), our Audiovisual Mashup Party will feature a crowdsourcing play list realized by sample-based laptop trio iii and a highly anticipated performance by Australian electronic music artist and DJ, the Internet sensation: Pogo.
We now offer you a chance to get a buy 1 get 1 free party ticket offer (original price: HK$120/$100) by contributing to the crowdsourcing playlist to be realized by local sound trio iii.

Three ways you can contribute to the playlist:
1. Suggest songs that you like. (include information such as the name of artist, song, or link to the song)
2. Send us music / sound files directly (You must be the copyright owner)
3. Choose from iii’s song list (To be released soon!)
Go to this link NOW and suggest a song to us:
Simply sign up and upload your files or post your suggestions to us!
Your contribution will be crucial to this event!
Upload method
Go to the link above and sign up as user. Click “upload files”
Playlist suggestion
Leave your suggestions and URLs in the page “comment” or on this Facebook event page
You will receive a message from us through either facebook or indabamusic (depending on which platform you use) with a special offer code. Contact us with this code to reserve a party ticket and get the buy 1 get 1 free offer!

Submission Deadline: 9/14/2010 (Tuesday)
Contact Person: Ms. Kami Liu
Tel: 2573-1869
WIKITOPIA is a tinyfest on collaborative future and you should PARTICIPATE!

HKNME Fruit and Vegetable Orchestra

3PM/ 5PM performances- Saturday 11 September FREE
3PM/ 5PM performances- Saturday 18 September FREE

日期 Date : 11/9, 18/9 (星期六 Sat)
時間 Time : 3pm & 5pm
...地點 Location : Piazza @ K11 Art Mall 購物藝術館
18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HK 九龍尖沙咀河內道18號

HKNME 水果和蔬菜樂團!

The HKNME Fruit and Vegetable Orchestra was founded in 2010. Prepare to be surprised by the sounds of fruit and vegetables in a way you've never experienced before. Amplified, distorted, cut, squeezed, processed and hit!

Asia’s first fruit and vegetable orchestra plays music exclusively on organic instruments: carrots, cucumbers, watermelons, apples, coconuts, bok choy and ... durian even? Searching for an affinity of the organic and digital worlds, ever wondered what Steve Reich would sound like on watermelons, or what 'improvised carrot' is?

This performance at K11 will be fun for young and old and is a platform for experimentation and fun. FREE FOR ALL.

Part of K11's Food Art Festival More

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Listening Room 6 - Seeing the Sound

Zbigniew Karkowski (Electronic)
Dickson Dee (Electronic)
Joao Vasco Paiva (Electronic)
Sin:Ned (Electronic & Live Visual)

Date: Jul-20, 2010
Time: 7:00 PM
Venue: Osage Soho (45 Canie Road, Soho, Central, Hong Kong)
Ticket price: HK$120 (includes 1 drink)

Enquiry & Reservation:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

718 World Listening Day - Let’s Listen

SUNDAY July 18th 2pm –
Walk for silence 2pm @ Southorn Playground, Wan Chai
Sound collectors’ sharing 3pm @ Part-of Studio Shop, G/F, 16 Sik On Street, Wan Chai
led by Sin:Ned(Dennis Wong Chung Fai), with sound collectors Jantzan Tse, Abby Wong and Tsang Sin Yu
*Dress code white tee

THURSDAY July 15th 7pm -
reading Murray Schafer’s The Soundscape – Our Sonic Environment and The Tuning of the World (1977)
@ ACO, 1/F, Foo Tak Building, 365 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai (

~ Free and open for all who care to listen ~

“The noisy city has become deathly quiet.”
– Murray Schafer, The Soundscape – Our Sonic Environment and The Tuning of the World (1977)

The noise level in our city keeps rising in an unpredictable rate. A 2006 research by the Chinese University of Hong Kong shows that, the noise levels of more than 90 parks in our community are much higher than the standard level (55dB) suggested by the World Health Organization. The most well known Victoria Park even reaches a noise level of 50% higher than the standard. In 2008, an Environmental Protection Department report says, “Traffic noise is a major concern which affects more than one million people.” ( Noise might even cause hearing loss, mental stress and irritation. Can we still hear our favorite sounds in this noise? What sounds are endangered?

The hazard of noise has long been identified by Canandian composer and environmentalist Murray Schafer. However, rather than championing noise abatement, he takes the positive approach: encouraging people to “clean their ears” and discover the joy of listening again. His work and call have since inspired acoustic ecology movements and artistic endeavors throughout the world. World Listening Day, also Schafer’s birthday, is a tribute to him for founding the Acoustic Ecology movement and the World Soundscape Project. On July 18, worldwide activities on listening take place to raise public awareness on our listening environment and to celebrate the creative exploration of field recording. (

soundpocket celebrates the first World Listening Day in Hong Kong with one-day event Let’s Listen – a group of active and critical listeners (university students of sound art, sound designers and engineers, artists…etc) lead a walk for silence in Wanchai, while distributing short quotations from Schafer’s book. After the walk, sonic artist Sin:Ned (Dennis Wong Chung Fai) shares with the public for the first time his private sound collection. Sin:Ned’s interests range from improvisation, sound art, experimental music, and noise art to field recordings. He says, “Collecting sound is like people collecting stamps in the old days.” Other sound collectors also share their favorite sound from their “stamp album” with Sin:Ned.

*To know more about Schafer’s works, please join us at the reading group prior to World Listening Day. All are welcome. Registration required on or before July 13, 2010.
Murray Schafer - La Semaine du Son 2010 :

“The essence of sound is felt in both motion and silence; it passes from existent to nonexistent.”
– Murray Schafer, The Soundscape – Our Sonic Environment and The Tuning of the World (1977)

What we can all do on 718 World Listening Day:

- treat our ears as if they are your greatest treasure

- participate in Let’s Listen and spend time with a group of active listeners

- put our earphones aside for one minute, one hour, one day; listen to the sound around

- speak less to listen more

- listen to stories from an elderly person: everyone has a right to be listened to

- listen again to what we habitually do; notice the quality and texture of the sound

- make a list of favorite sound (or least favorite ones)

- allow ourselves 5 minutes to do nothing but listening

*Let us know what you will do on World Listening Day with us:

Enquiry: OR 96021229/ 23562226 - Ms. Susie Law


星期日 七月十八日 下午二時
為寧靜漫步 下午二時於灣仔修頓球場出發
集聲者分享 下午三時於灣仔適安街十六號地下 Part-of Studio Shop
大會衣著: 白色衣服

星期四 七月十五日 晚上七時
讀書會 導讀 Murray Schafer 著作 The Soundscape – Our Sonic Environment and The Tuning of the World (1977)
於灣仔軒尼詩道365號富德樓一樓藝鵠 (書本現於藝鵠有售, 詳情請參閱

*費用全免 歡迎任何關注聆聽人士參與!

﹣ Murray Schafer, The Soundscape – Our Sonic Environment and The Tuning of the World (1977)

生活在亞洲國際都會,我們每天置身於人多車多的鬧市,飽受繁忙擠塞的交通帶來的噪音干擾。2008年,環境保護署( ) 一項研究指出香港現時的交通噪音問題滋擾超過一百萬名市民, 而建築工程、通風系統 、 防盜警鐘及鄰里所發出不同程度砰砰、轟轟或刺耳的噪音亦影響著市民的生活。休憩公園的情況會較為理想嗎?事實上,香港中文大學2006年一項研究發現,本地有90多個市區公園噪音水平極高,全部超出世界衛生組織建議的55分貝標准,其中最為人熟悉維多利亞公園的平均噪音更達到81分貝,令人有如置身繁忙的高速公路。我們的耳朵能逃得過噪音嗎?噪音會否一一蓋過那些我們喜愛的聲音?又有甚麼聲音將瀕臨絕種?

加拿大作曲家、教育家、作者及環境保護者 Murray Schafer早在四十年前已經提出噪音對人的危害。他並不是提倡控制噪音,反而採取正面態度, 鼓勵大家打開耳朵,發掘再次聆聽的樂趣。七月十八日是世界聆聽日, 旨於提升大眾對環境聲音的關注及使用地境錄音(field-recording)的創意,同時鼓勵推行聲境教育及實踐。世界聆聽日為Murray Schafer的出生日,以表示對這位聲境研究的先鋒者的尊重。他於七十年代發表書本 The Soundscape – Our Sonic Environment and The Tuning of the World (1977),分享他對聲態學研究作出的種種判斷。他亦為 World Soundscape Project的創辦人,啟發了世界各地很多聲態學活動(。

為嚮應世界聆聽日,聲音掏腰包(soundpocket) 首度在本港舉辦《聽甚麼?》﹣為寧靜漫步及集聲者(包括聲音藝術家、大學生、聲音設計和工程師等)的分享會。漫步由修頓球場開始,途中向公眾免費派發 Murray Schafer 的聆聽啟示,穿梭皇后大道東至灣仔適安街為終點。隨後,聲音藝術家 Sin:Ned (黃仲輝) 分享他多年來個人珍藏的聲音,他認為「收集聲音就如我們以前喜愛集郵一樣」。另外幾位集聲者亦會跟大家分享他們「集郵簿」內的獨特聲音,他們喜愛集聲只因他們都同樣熱衷於聆聽。

*想了解更多Murray Schafer 的著作,歡迎參與七月十五日讀書會,由聲音掏腰包創辦人楊陽博士導讀 。參與人士需於七月十三日前報名。
Murray Schafer - La Semaine du Son 2010 :



*歡迎電郵至 告訴我們閣下如何嚮應718世界聆聽日

查詢 (羅小姐)

Monday, May 17, 2010

RECeiver 002 - Live at C:Union 2008

Second release of Re-Records' Podcast, RECeiver, is an unreleased live recording of Sin:Ned at C:Union, Shenzhen on July 26th, 2008. A strange combination of noise and electronic sounds.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playing Classical @ Neo Sound #8

iii - Hong Kong
No One Pulse (Sin:Ned+KWC) - Hong Kong

Date: 24.04.2010
Time: 20:30
Entry: 30RMB
Venue: Liangcha Shop
Add: F3 Block,OCT-LOFT,Enping Road,Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen
Organizer: Neo Sound
Co-organizer: Liangcha Shop, We Play! Records, Re-Records

Music genres benders iii, continues to utilize their edge cutting electronic sounds to reassemble the world of classical music.

Electo-acoustic duo No One Pulse, on the other hands, takes the classical world as a physical object, and re-think it as a bunch of unrealized potentialities.


Douban event page:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Switched On! Mini Festival

Switched On! Mini Festival
Electronics + Improv + Workshops @ Osage Soho
April 1-9 2010

Be Switched On! this April @ Osage Soho

* Performances by international and Hong Kong artists
* Workshops on the crafts of synthesizing, field recording, circuit bending and much more! Suitable for artists, musicians and anyone curious about sound and sonic art.

Booking and enquiry
Nancy Chua: Tel: (852) 2172 1696
Carven Ho: Tel: (852) 2537 0688

01.04.2010 (Thu)
Artists’ Talk: Techno(sexual) Bodies X

Launch of dorkbot-hk, the Hong Kong station of the international network for electricity. This will be followed by talks by the co-curator and artists from the exhibition Techno(sexual) Bodies, at Videotage, the founder of dorkbot-sf, programmer of Stelarc's Prosthetic Head and Survival Research Lab. They will present their projects relating to sex, technology, post-humanism and cyberspace. The talk is co-presented by dorkbot-hk and Videotage

Speakers: Johannes Grezfurthner (Austria), Heather Kelley (USA/CAN), Karen Marcelo (USA), Bonni Rambatan (Indonesia)

01.04.2010 (Thu)

Performance: Tetragrammaton (Japan) + Dickson Dee (Hong Kong)
+ Richard Francis (NZ)

Tetragrammaton (Japan)
TOMO - Hurdy Gurdy, Soprano Saxophone, Theremin, Electronics
Cal Lyall - (Tabletop) Guitar, Electronics
Nobunaga Ken - Drums, Percussion

April 3-4 WORKSHOPS with Hong Kong Sound Artists
No experience necessary
Workshop tickets:$150 (Standard) $120 (Concession) or $400 / $ 320 (Concession) for all three workshops

03.04.2010 (Sat)

Extend Your Ears
An Introduction to Field Recording, by Edwin Lo

In this workshop on field recording, Edwin Lo will show how to successfully record the sounds surrounding you and how they can be transformed and incorporated in a sonic art work. He will explain the different perspectives of this practice by sharing his thoughts, and will guide you through his experiences, different creative works and actual field-recording. This will enable the participants to have a better understanding of this technique.

04.04.2010 (Sun)

Unorthodox Sound Making with Wong Chung-fai, a.k.a Sin:Ned

Wong Chung-fai will lead participants to explore non-standard sound making processes with everyday objects. Get hands on with electronics and explore the hidden sounds around you!
Wong Chung-fai, a.k.a Sin:Ned will lead this workshop is for all those who believe that all sounds are equal, and all sounds deserved to be listened equally and deeply; those who hear music in noise and have fond interest in the beauty of chaos and errors and those who want to explore the hidden sounds around us and alternative approaches to sounds and music.
What to expect: Theory and practice of non-standard sound making processes, ranging from circuit bending to mis-use of non-musical devices. The workshop will feature live demonstrations by sound artist Sin:Ned and his avant-group No One Pulse. No previous experience is necessary.
What to bring: Open mind and old small battery operated devices such as: radio, old mobile phones, remote controls, wireless mouse…etc.

09.04.2010 (Sun)

Become a Sound Sculptor
Using Synthesizers and Effects, with Paul Yip

This workshop with Paul Yip will teach participants how to make interesting and distinctive sounds and create a unique sound sculpture with your own hand. Using synthesizers and effects: ADSR envelopes, filters, oscillators, ring modulators, LFO, reverb, delay, distortion, overdrive etc, this workshop will demonstrate the infinite ways to create interesting and distinctive sounds and allow participants to create their own sound sculptures.

09.04.2010 (Fri)
$120/80 (with 1 free CD of iii)
Performance: C-drík (Belgium/ Zaire) Live In Hong Kong 2010,
Supported by Alok/ KWC
Live Visual by Wong Chung-fai
From electro-acoustic to electro-ethnic experimentations, from punk to free jazz…

C-drík Fermont, Belgian musician born in Zaire (DRC) travels all over the world looking for new sounds. From electro-acoustic to electro-ethnic experimentations, from punk to free jazz. He satisfies his curiosity through the production of Asian and African artists on his label Syrphe, currently writing a book about experimental and electronic music in both continents. C-drík collaborates with avant-garde musicians (Mick Harris, Yan Jun, etc.), traditional ones (Khamsuane Vongthomkhan) or theatre and dance companies (Anh Khánh Studio, Guangzhou Modern Dance Company, etc.) or visual art and cinema (Gisèle Pape).

Monday, March 08, 2010


I am you are on MILK high

合作﹕Katrien Jacobs及梁學彬及公開招募之演員參與(罗丁丁、范幸薇、小谷子、雅澄、小丁、潘柬芝、陳偉江、張葦兒、Kim Haslam、羅家南、歐仲南、卓灝賢、Sebastian Lindstrom、Alicia Sully及更多表演者)

興奮音頻序列﹕Stéphane Perrin

與展覽《電幻(性愛)機器》 同期進行,MILK+ 齊集藝術家鄭淑麗(聞名於日本科幻色情電影I.K.U.), Katrien Jacobs (聞名於 與梁學彬 (聞名於其媒體藝術作品「東方婊子」)將錄映太奇化身為反烏托邦的科幻場景,展出誘惑、頹廢與墮落等故事脈絡,將你帶進2050年的性愛境界。 帶來性興奮之餘,再次喚醒大眾對愛滋病傳播的關注。



2050 年,遺留在倖存愛滋病患者的突變病毒,再重組人類的DNA 模式,並繁殖出MILK GEN。MILK GEN在到達高潮時,會射出一種含天然安多芬衍生物的白色液體。當這種代號為MILK 的白色液體與皮膚接觸時,安多芬會滲透到皮膚,造成使人上癮的快感,這種快感打通人類終極性慾感官的脈絡。

MILK 是專屬廿一世紀的白色液體,就如二十世紀人類依靠白色粉末(可卡因)達致快感一樣。MILK GEN的存在,可追溯自20 世紀後期,政府及製藥工業對研究愛滋病藥物試驗失敗。MILK被列為非法,MILK GEN會被毒販徵募來從事高利潤的性及毒品交易。另一邊廂,政府派遣具免疫力的MILK特工,對MILK GEN進行殲滅或提供復康。

表演由okamoto及CJM Co., Ltd.贊助



I am you are on MILK high
a performance of simultaneous acts with SEX, DRUGS and MUTATED virus

A collective performance
Concept/direction - Shu Lea Cheang
in collaboration with Katrien Jacobs, Isaac Leung
with open casting call participation
(Justin Ross, Fine Hang Mei Natalie, Daisykuk, Anson, siuding, Poon Kan Chi, Wai Kwong Chan, Venus Weier Tjang, Kim Haslam, Law Ka-nam, Charles Au, Cheuk Ho Yin, Sebastian Lindstrom, Alicia Sully and more)

Sound by Sin:Ned
Arousal sequencing by Stéphane Perrin

In conjunction with Techno(sexual) Bodies exhibition at Videotage, MILK+ brings together artists Shu Lea Cheang (famed for her I.K.U. Japanese scifi porn), Katrien Jacobs (famed for and Isaac Leung (famed for Oriental Whore) to transform Videotage into a sci-fi dystopia landscape with scenes of seduction, decadence, corruption and above all sexual arousal and cautious reawakening of AIDS epidemic.

Date: March 27, 2010 (Sat)
Time: 9pm-11pm
Venue: Videotage
Address: Unit 13, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

**FREE ADMISSION (Aged 18+ only)**


By year 2050, the mutated virus left in the survivors of HIV positive has reconstituted the DNA patterns and given birth to the MILK GEN. The MILK GEN when arriving at orgasm ejaculate white fluid that contains a natural endorphin derivative. Code named MILK, the white fluids when contacting with skin, the endorphin diffused through the skin, gives an addictive high, a high that pumps up all needle entry points of ultimate sexual sensation.

MILK is the white fluid for the 21st century, as the white powder was for the 20th century high.

The MILK GEN’s existence manifests failed AIDS drug experiment conspired by the Government and the pharmaceutical industry in the late 20th century. MILK is declared illegal. The MILK GEN are sought after by druglord for profitable sex and drug trade. Meanwhile, the government dispatches android MILK AGENT who are programmed immune to the addictive high to round up MILK GEN for termination and rehabilitation.

Sponsored by okamoto and CJM Co., Limited.

Disclaimer: All parts of this program Techno(sexual) Bodies contain sexually-oriented adult content. Permission to enter the venue and to view the performance and the exhibition is strictly limited only to adults who are at least 18 years of age or older, and are voluntarily choosing to view such sexually-explicit visuals.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Rebuilding Haiti

Sin:Ned will be doing sound support and live visual for Alok, while No One Pulse and KWC will be performing at Sigma Space Kwun Tong this Sat (Mar-6).

Saturday, February 20, 2010

RECeiver: A Re-Records Podcast

Our new Podcast, RECeiver, is already up and running.

It is a selection of live recordings and studio experiments, mixtapes and web-exclusive releases from affiliated artists and friends of Re-Records.

The first one is "Mixtape For Introverts" by KWC.

Subscribe to RECeiver

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sound in the Park - Round 4

Date: Sunday, January 31, 2010
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Kowloon Park

「公園好聲」一系列音樂表演由著名樂評人袁智聰策劃。毋須搭建舞台、毋須巨型揚聲器、毋須在台上有Full Band的器材,一個善用公園裡公共空間的小型音樂演出、親暱的音樂表演方式更難能可貴與貼心動人。每一個公園,都有自己的特色與個性,可以配以不同的音樂。而前身為域多利兵房的香港公園之優雅與保育,九龍公園包圍著的城市節奏,沙田公園的休憩家庭樂,都可以在「公園好聲」裡配以不同風格的音樂演出。﹝節目長約一小時三十分鐘﹞「

公園好聲」第四回:九龍公園 ── 中國花園


(1) S.T.
電子音樂人兼聲影藝術家蔡世豪,自小接受古典音樂訓練,擁有小提琴Trinity演奏級水平。2008年於城市大學創意媒體學院碩士畢業,現從事音樂、視覺藝術、多媒體聲音錄像演出及創作、獨立電影配樂工作等。S.T.是其一人多元化電子音樂與聲影藝術單位。世豪在09年底推出其S.T.首張個人唱片專輯Weird Mind。

(2) No One Pulse
No One Pulse是一個由巢建威 (KWC) 及黃仲輝 (Sin:Ned) 組成的實驗電聲學二人組。透過非傳统的發聲及製樂工具,二人旨在探索一種概念,有關於包含隨機性、混沌結構及微聲法則的即興演奏、自由形態電音。兩人同時亦是實驗廠牌Re-Records的創建人。

(3) 迷你噪音

老B (唱、結他)
陳偉發 (低音結他、結他、和音)
劉子斌 (手風琴)
黃仁逵 (ukulele、結他)
Edmund Leung (鼓、敲擊)

Sound in the Park Curated by seasoned music critic Yuen Chi Chung, the music series allows a close encounter between music and its audience. The shows need no stage set, amplifiers or band equipment, but the very space of the park which a friendly delivery of music speaks to. Each park is a unique space suitable for different kinds of music: the elegant Hong Kong Park revitalised from heritage architecture, the rhythmic Kowloon Park in the heart of the city, and the laid-back Shatin Park popular during family weekends. These parks will be overwhelmed by a wide variety of music. (Programme duration is about one hour and thirty minutes)


Kowloon Park -- Chinese Garden

The Musicians, the people who give you the sound in the park

(1) ST
Choi Sai Ho is an electronic musician and audio-visual artist. S.T. is his solo project. Sai Ho received classical music training since childhood and obtained professional qualification from Trinity (associate recital in violin). He has obtained a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong. In September 2009, Sai Ho released as S.T. first audio-visual album Weird Mind.

(2) No One Pulse
No One Pulse is an experimental / electro-acoustic duo formed by Wong Chung-fai (Sin:Ned) and Chau Kin-wai (KWC). By means of non-musical instruments and devices, the two aim to explore the concept of free improvisation and the world of free-from electronics that embraces randomness, chaotic structure, and microsound methodology. The duo is also the mastermind behind the experimental imprint Re-Records.(

3) mininoise
Local grassroot folk band 'mininoise' has recently released their debut “How Wonderful Life Is”, including songs that have been sung on many street rallies. With the rustic but touching sound, they turned their fury and bitterness in life into beauty. 'mininoise' writes about the wishes from the children in temporary housing area and people in public housing estates; the remembrance of retired worker; bits and pieces quoted from a sex worker's diary. 'mininoise' also feels the tearing heart of families of the workers who died in the construction sites and the heat suspended twenty years ago in the Square -- these are the songs of the dissidents.

Members of 'mininoise':
Old B (vocal, guitar)
Chan Wai-fat (bass guitar, guitar, backing vocal)
Lau Chi-bun (accordion)
Yank Wong (ukulele, guitar)
Edmund Leung (drums, percussion)

Facebook event:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Zimoun | Louis Siu | Sin:Ned @ Osage Soho

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Osage Soho
Street: 45 Caine Road, Lower Ground Shop 1, Corner Old Bailey Street, Soho, Central, HK

2010's launch features sound art by Zimoun (Switzerland), live percussion performance by Louis Siu (Hong Kong) and electronic performance by acclaimed Hong Kong electronic artist Sin:Ned (Wong Chung-fai)

$120/80 concession (includes one drink: beer/water)(last month's event sold out in two days-restricted to only 50 seats- BOOK EARLY!)

inquiries and reservations: Nancy Chua +852 2537


8pm: Zimoun : Sound Sculptures & Installations (film)
8:30pm: Louis Siu (percussion), performs works by Jacques Delécluse and Charles Boone
9pm: Sin:Ned LIVE!

ABOUT: Zimoun
Zimoun (born 1977) lives in Berne, Switzerland. Since 2000 he works as a sound, visual and acoustic artist. Zimoun's works range from visual arts to installations, performance, music, compositions and areas related to all of the above. He focuses on research of space, structure, form and empty space, but also on the cautious handling of materials, working with day-to-day phenomena and occurrences.

ABOUT Louis Siu
Louis Siu, a founding member of the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, has received numerous awards for his outstanding performances, notably finalist-3rd place at the 2nd International Timpani Competition of Lyon and First prize in the Australian Percussion Eisteddfod.Since 2008, Louis has been actively performing with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta as an extra percussionist, including subscription concerts, TV broadcast and national tour. In 2007, he performed and toured with the Pacific Music Festival Orchestra, and in 2006 he appeared as principal percussionist with the Asian Youth Orchestra.Dedicated to new music, Louis founded PROJECT.T.T. Theproject aims to promote the Percussion and Tenor Timpani and create a platform for composers to experiment possibilities for the extended range instrument.

ABOUT Sin:Ned (Wong Chung-fai)
Sin:Ned (Wong Chung-fai), an idiosyncratic improviser, sonic artist and free-lance writer from Hong Kong. Co-founder of the experimental imprint Re-Records and member of the electro-acoustic duo No One Pulse.Being a veteran writer of the legendary Hong Kong alternative music magazine MCB (Music Colony B-Weekly), while not writing as a pseudo-music critic elaborating his esoteric worldview, in the same idiosyncratic fashion, he spends much of his time hacking and sculpting sonic materials with his laptop and various non-standard electronic gears. With his on-going experimentation encompassing improvisation, sound art, experimental music, noise art, electronic music and field recordings, he has been re-visioning a sound-making process that is dictated solely and directly by intuition.He had taken part and performed in various festivals and exhibitions such as HK Sound and Vision Festival (2003), Get It Louder (2007), Hong Kong & Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (2007, 2009), Architecture is Art Festival (2009), Notch Festival 2009 Guangzhou Station (2009).

Facebook event page:

Sound in the Park: Round 3

Date: Saturday, January 16, 2010
Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Location: 沙田公園 結客場 --- Sha Tin Park, Main plaza

Sound in the Park

Curated by seasoned music critic Yuen Chi Chung, the music series allows a close encounter between music and its audience. The shows need no stage set, amplifiers or band equipment, but the very space of the park which a friendly delivery of music speaks to. Each park is a unique space suitable for different kinds of music: the elegant Hong Kong Park revitalised from heritage architecture, the rhythmic Kowloon Park in the heart of the city, and the laid-back Shatin Park popular during family weekends. These parks will be overwhelmed by a wide variety of music. (Programme duration is about one hour and thirty minutes)


Thomas @ The Malfunction