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Album: ISW
Artist: Wong Chung-fai
Sound Walker (16:32)
Composed, performed & mastered by Wong Chung-fai
An imaginary sound walk based on field recordings taken at Central and Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Photography by Wong Chung-fai
Cover design by niuniutu at I/A Studio

C 2009 Wong Chung-fai

P+C 2009 GiN Label

GiN007 Made in China
Listening at:

About "ISW"
ISW is a series of Imaginary Sound Walk based on field recording materials.

In this first release, an imaginary journey was constructed based on field recordings taken from Central, Sheung Wan and Kwun Tong in Hong Kong.

This sound work was originally composed for Lee Chi Leung’s book “Room”. The journey is about a shamanistic search for the lost soul of the sick.

In shamanism, it is believed that people get sick because they lost their soul, and it is the shaman’s job to rescue their lost soul from the underworld.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Market Flux @ 2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture

Market Flux
Alok/Edwin Lo/KWC/Sin:Ned

A sound installation of documentation & exploration on Graham Street and Central Wet Markets.

In conjunction with Graham'Super by Urban Rethink Tank at 2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.

2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture4/12/2009 - 27/02/2010West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade

Sound design by No One Pulse + Alok
Produced by Re-Records

(Photo by Edwin Lo)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Notch 2009 GZ

Architecture is...Discourse with Music (Photo by Zuni)

Zbigniew Karkowski Live in HK (Photo by Manson Wong)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


A not-for-sale release. A tribute to the king of pop. Will only be available for free in upcoming Re-Records' events. So stay tuned.

Re-Records: OUT NOW!!

Our first 4 Cdr, namely, No One Pulse "E", Sin:Ned "Darkside of the Chord VII", Yan Jun "Lamma Island Diary" & Anson Mak "Going Home (Or Not)", are now available at the following good spots:

Hong Kong

Lona Records

Art & Culture Outreach (ACO)
1/F, FooTak Bldg, 365 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Kubrick – B.C.
Shop H2, Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong (inside Broadway Cinematheque)

MCCM Bookshop
G/F Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

White Noise Records
1/F., 4 Canal Road East, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (close to Times Square and Canal Road Flyover)

Zoo Records
Shop B31, Sino Centre, 582-592 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Sugar Jar
D06-6-3, 798 Art District, 2, Jiuxian Qiao Rd., Chaoyang district, Beijing
(opposite Galleria Continua)

Sun Ye Drinking Room
Lamma Temple-No.52 WuDaoYing Alley, Beijing

CPAI Art House

United States

Soleilmoon Recordings
1722 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211-5802, United States


Flughafenstr. 38, 12053 Berlin


Los Apson
604. Daikan Plaza Bizness
Nishishinjuku 7-9-15
Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, 160, Japan

7-1-7-721,#A, Nishi-Shijuku,Tokyo,160-0023 Japan

P.S.F. Records (Modern Music/G-Modern)
2-45-11-201 Matsubara,
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0043, Japan

Do check out for more details and audio samples.

Feel free to join our facebook group to get the latest update, releases and events annoucement:

NOTCH 2009 Guangzhou - I'D Rather Dance With a Monster

Notch09 Guangzhou steps three nights of Nordic frenzy, from the eclectic beauty of techno Ambient, to bubbling electronica, and to inventive geeky fun. No more identity crisis- at least one of your multi-selves can identify with this exclusive Nordic festival in town.


I. Project Aurora

Wed. Oct. 28. Biosphere(Norway) /Food(Norway) /MoHa!(Norway)/ VJs Notch 09 Guangzhou opens with a sensual exploration of the modern arctic ambience. The audio-visual feast contains a most diverse cast of electronic ambient, catering for every one of your five senses. Now forget about work, sink with us into a timeless abyss of sounds and float your soul elsewhere. Id-entities: adventurer/drifter


Last year DBG put on quite a show at SOUND FROM MONSTER. Now the same crew is casting new sounds in celebration of the nordic attack. Fresh vocals and crispy electro will together play up the very local CH part of NotCH.

Id-entities: Canto-curious

The Pancakes(Hong Kong)/ Secret By(Guangdong)/ Modern Children(Hong Kong)/ YuFeiMen(Guangdong) / Zhaoze (aka. The Swamp) (Guangdong)


II. Project Beats

Fri. Oct. 30. Rumpistol(Denmark)/ Vectral(Denmark)/ Ost & Kjex(Norway) For one night only Guangzhou’s Sapphire morphs into a throbbing Nordic dance floor. The recklessly quirky pulse echoes the age of retro disco, fused with a funky house groove. Psych up, dress up, tune up, and style up your wild self.

Id-entities: danceholic/ fashionista


III. Project Cult

Sat. Oct. 31. Sin:Ned (Hong Kong)/Snöleoparden(Denmark)/ La Belle Indifference(Denmark)/ Morten Riis(Denmark)/ Eero Johannes(Finland)

Pumpkins and skulls are off the Halloween scene – the edgy techno gurus have replaced them with sequencers, synthesizers, self-invented programs, Nintendo sound effects and all sorts of digital gadgets to toy with. Trick or Treat and ghostly madness are still on the menu.

Id-entities: gamer/brainiac


8:00pm 10.28- 10.31, 2009, Sapphire Art Space

Add. 2/F Holiday Inn, No.28 GuangMing Lu, Huanshi Dong, Guangzhou

Hotline 020-83840681

Tickets: 160 RMB (walk-in)/ 120RMB (reserved)

VIP Tickets: 280 RMB (walk-in)/ 200RMB (reserved)

*VIP Tickets gift sets for NOTCH 09 SET Deign by Guangzhou

*advanced Booking:

1.Taobao; reservation:

3.PLAYGROUND (2/F, NO. 238 Wenmin Rd., Guangzhou)

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[STATICIZER TOUR 2009 - 止:氣] LIVE in Hong Kong

[止:氣] 2009年香港巡迴演出
卡科夫斯基 + 李勁松

Guest: Sin:Ned

錄映太奇,Noise Asia 聯合協辦

日期: 2009年10月8日 (星期四)
時間: 晚上8時正
場地: 香港九龍土瓜灣馬頭角道63號牛棚藝術村13室錄映太奇
藝術家: 卡科夫斯基 + 李勁松 + Sin:Ned
費用: 港幣100元正 (只限現場購票)


是次演出將呈現卡科夫斯基與李勁松二人共同合作的作品。近兩年來卡科夫斯基曾多次來華演出,並由此與李勁松結識。在多次的同台演出和音樂創作上的切磋後,04年二人萌生了共同制作一張專輯的念頭。經過一年多的努力,一張集結了二人多場現場演出的音樂片段和錄音室作品的專輯“Revenge of Ying And Yang”(陰陽復仇記)終於在05年末推出。隨著唱片的出版,卡科夫斯基和李勁松的音樂創作也開始邁向新的方向。經過十多年在實驗噪音方面的探索,卡科夫斯基已表示將逐步把觸覺延伸到Ambient(環境)音樂方面。所以此次演出也將是二人在“Revenge of Ying And Yang”專輯後,音樂創作新動向的一個風向標。


[Staticizer Tour 2009] @ Hong Kong
Zbigniew Karkowski + Dickson Dee

Guest: Sin:Ned

Organized by Videotage and Noise Asia
Date: October 8, 2009 (Thursday)
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Unit 13, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kln, HK
Artists: Zbigniew Karkowski, Dickson Dee, Sin:Ned
Ticket: $100 at the door only

Sound arts star Zbigniew Karkowski will join force with the Hong Kong laboratory musician Dickson Dee in the [Staticizer Tour 2009] at Videotage on October 8th.

The concert will be a milestone of Zbigniew Karkowski and Dickson Dee’s music journey since their collaboration in the album, "Revenge of Ying And Yang" in 2005. They met 2 years ago during Zbignieew’s tour in China and since then the two have performed and collaborated repeatedly. They first initiate to produce an album together in 2004 and after a year of hard work, "Revenge of Ying And Yang" had finally came to live in 2005, which features live clips from their concerts and studio recorded music.

The collaboration have been influential and have pushed their music to new directions. After exploring noise and experimental music for over 10 years, Zbigniew have gradually moved to the creation of ambient and environmental music. He thinks that in order to have a better understand about ourselves and the planet, artists in the present day have the responsible to travel and work around the World. He also strongly believes that geographical, political and social exile is a necessary condition for true and honest creation. He is not interested in the traditional definition of music, in his opinion, all musical theory and systems, as cultural concepts must be destroyed. In his latest work, his main concern is to realize drama with sound - electronic and acoustic walls with the architectures of ruins transcribed in the scores.

Since the release of his solo album “PAST” in 1996, Dickson has began to set foot on the creation field with musical styles ranging from avant garde to experimental, music concrete, electronic, new classical, industrial noise, dance, electronic world jazz etc. He has collaborated with many artists, and set up his personal label Dicksonia Audio beside Noise Asia, which concentrates on the release and publishing of his own works. This provides more freedom and convenience to further develop his creativity.

Artist links

Zbigniew Karkowski:

Dickson Dee:


facebook's event page:

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Stay Tuned & Get Ready for a Deep Listening Journey...

No One Pulse

In this second full length album from the Hong Kong electro-acoustic duo, the micro-noise improvisation journey continues. With two long live improvisation cuts and two short studio recordings, E is the place where micro-sound meets noise electronics. If the last album, LINGK, is a revelation of the quantum mechanical sonic world, E is a bold venture in testing the boundary of such sub-atomic territory.

Filed under: Electro-acoustic, Improvisation, micro-noise, Experimental


Deeply influenced by the Tokyo Psychedelic Underground, Hong Kong experimentalist Sin:Ned created a never-ending and eternally self-referencing world of noise and extreme frequency. The two solo improvisations on modified Omnichord unleashed the full darkness hidden inside the bent circuitry of the instruments. A complex structure of razor sharp power lines running through an endless maze of psychedelic trans-configuration. Free and abstract. Forceful yet intricate. A brutal journey about the poetic of lost soul and dead spirit.

Filed under: Circuit Bending, Noise, Improvisation, Psychedelia

Yan Jun

The first release of our On Location series. From one of the most influential Chinese sound artists of our time. A new master piece that for sure will redefine site-specific and field recordings oriented sound works. This sound diary was recorded in Lamma Island, by Beijing sound artist, Yan Jun, during his stay in Hong Kong for the AROUND sound festival in 2009. The imaginative approach of Yan Jun simply opens up a whole new world for field recordings. From now on, field recordings will never be the same.

Filed under: Field recordings, Sound art

Anson Mak

An academic audio work from the award winning phonograph artist Anson Mak (ex-AMK). In this new CD, she brings to us not only result of her long time research on the endangered sound and community of Kwun Tong (a district soon to be destroyed by the Hong Kong government’s urban renewal program), but also a very personal story. Almost like a mini research. Only difference is that, this one is filled with personal significance.

Filed under: Field recordings, Sound art

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Re-Records is a record label initiated by experimental electro-acoustic duo No One Pulse from Hong Kong. With Re, we don't solely aim to be an outlet for releasing self initiated or other affiliated projects, but also for artists and releases we deem interesting.

Other than standard releases, our catalogue includes:

Doc: Documentary/Documents on archiving art related projects, exhibtions, and installations.

On: On Location, an attempt to focus on field recordings and other site specific recordings.

Scheduled releases in Sept, 09:

No One Pulse - E

Sin:Ned - Dark Side of the Chord VII

Yan Jun - Lamma Island Diary (On Location series)

Anson Mak - Going Home (or Not) (On Location series)

Stay tuned for more update.

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070707 on eBay

Our out of print limited copy on eBay. Grab it while you can:

Auction on eBay

Architecture is...Discourse with Music

Studio Theatre, HKCC
30 / 9 – 3 / 10
8:00 pm
Ticket Price: $120

Music Creation & Performance

Programme A (30/9, 1/10): Aenon Loo, Alok, KWC

Programme B (2–3/10): João Vasco Paiva, Sin:Ned, Pun Tak Shu

Guest Speakers: 30/9 Liu Jiakun (Chengdu), 1/10 Zhu Xiaodi (Beijing), 2/10 Wang Shu (Hangzhou), 3/10 Zhang Lei (Nanjing)

Co-organisers: Domus China, People Mountain People Sea Music

Curator: Steve Hui (Nerve)

Music Advisor: Anthony Wong

“Architecture is... Discourse with Music” is an experiment and a creative dialogue between music and architecture. Beginning with electronic music, local artists will share their feelings and experiences of architecture with the audience through the three stages of exploring architecture, getting to know architecture and feeling architecture. Four architects from the Mainland will be invited to participate and lead the audience to embark on an adventurous journey to the magical world of architecture.

Conducted in Mandarin.
Running time is approximately 105mins without intermission.



Jointly presented by Lona Records, Re-Records & Sub Jam


木盒是由美國電音樂器藝術家Arius Blaze及Ben Houston以Folktek名義設計及全人手製造的Harmonic Field。沒有鍵盤。沒有弦線。只有四十八個金屬接觸點。演奏者要以自己的身體作為電路的一部份去演奏。

每次INTER-FACE中,香港聲音藝術家Sin:Ned將會邀請不同的藝術家,共同即興演奏Harmonic Field。面對面。以這奇特的演奏介面。


Performance Description:
Two people. One wooden box. Forty-eight metal contact points. This is the basic idea of INTRE-FACE.

The wooden box is called Harmonic Field. It is designed and handmade by American sound art device artists, Arius Blaze and Ben Houston of Folktek. No keyboard. No strings. Only forty-eight metal contact points. The performer is required to use his/her body as part of the circuitry to generate sounds.

In each of the INTER-FACE performance, Hong Kong sound artist Sin:Ned will invite different artist to play the Harmonic Field with him. Face to face. With such unique instrumental interface.

Here in Beijing, we have the debut performance of INTRE-FACE.

In this debut performance, Yan Jun is invited to play the Harmonic Field with Sin:Ned. With electro-acoustic duo No One Pulse as opening act, Alok and KWC will pair with guest artists Jackson Garland and Vavabond for a duet improvisation.

演出藝術家Performing Artists:
Opening: No One Pulse
KWC + Vavabond
Sin:Ned + Yan Jun (on Harmonic Field)
Alok + Jackson Garland

门票 Ticket:50 RMB
地点 Venue:两个好朋友酒吧 2 Kolegas Bar

Thursday, July 09, 2009

BBC World Service Programmes - Save Our Sounds

Save Our Sounds is a BBC World Service Programmes on urban soundscape, endangered sounds and sound design. In the end of Episode 1 and in Episode 2, you will find me and other Hong Kong artists talking about urban soundscape and endangered sounds....

Episode 1: (currently on-line)

Save our sounds: In the first programme, acoustician Trevor Cox joins a soundwalk in central London and explores the world of acoustic ecology. Trevor meets artists and city planners to discuss how sound influences our lives and affects our well being. Are cities getting noisier or is it just that we're losing the quieter places we once had – the back streets and urban squares where citizens can go for a respite from the wall of noise? How has the soundscape in London changed and what sounds are in danger of being lost in the future?

Episode 2: (will be available next week)

Trevor Cox continues his exploration of the urban soundscape as part of the BBC’s Save our Sounds project.

Today, Trevor meets scientists from the Positive Soundscape Project attempting to influence the future sounds of our cities; and he travels to Hong Kong to meet artists campaigning to save the acoustic heritage of old neighbourhoods, under threat from for commercial redevelopment.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parallel Audiosphere - on different approaches to music & sound creation

平行音域 - 音樂 / 聲音 創作的不同方向
Parallel Audiosphere - on different approaches to music & sound creation



聲影共同體 – 實驗聲與畫之間
In Sync – Exploration on audio visual collaboration
講者: S.T. (蔡世豪)
25.07 (六) (粵語主講)

今時今日,當幾乎所有音樂演出都加入錄像作為背景的時候,聲與影之間的合作,還有什麼可能?回溯聲影結合的源頭,從音樂遇上錄像、從首個以幻燈片製造視覺效果的音樂會說起,到Club House舞池必經的VJ時代、以至互動概念多媒體包羅萬有的聲影結合現場表演,追蹤聲影如何交叉感染,交纏發展。S.T.單人匹馬,同時包辦音樂與影像創作於一身,他將會展示創作上的探索,同時分享他的至愛作品。

* * *

聲之錬金術 - 釋放平凡物件的不凡聲音
Sonic Alchemy - Releasing unusual sounds from usual objects
講者: Sin:Ned (黃仲輝)
26.07 (日) (粵語主講)


* * *

不只音樂,非但劇場 – 找尋音樂與劇場的不同接合點
More than Music, Not Just Theatre – Finding new possibilities in connection between music and theatre
講者: 龔志成
01.08 (六) (粵語主講)

音樂介入劇場,豈只古典歌劇與百老匯式音樂劇,現代音樂與劇場在過去幾十年的不斷碰撞,以音樂接合戲劇舞蹈文字錄像舞台裝置等多元媒介,使「音樂劇場」在過去三十年裡,成為前衞表演藝術的重要流派。回顧重要的音樂劇場作品,包括Robert Wilson 及 Laurie Anderson等,在探索前衞音樂劇場演進的同時,龔志成將以創作人的角度,分享他如何實驗結合不同音樂類型的予劇場表演。

* * *

玩聲工程 – 以有限音響技術實驗無限聲效可能
Sonic Fascination - Expanding the canvas for music composition
講者: 袁卓華
02.08 (日) (粵語主講)


* * *

不一樣聆聽 – 從田野錄音探索環境以至不同聲域的經驗
Ways of Listening - Environmental sound and our relation to the sonic world
講者: Cedric Maridet
09.08 (日) (英語主講,附主持人部份粵語介紹 )

從城市到大自然,其實每刻都充滿聲音,只是有些聲音可能從沒被察覺及聆聽得到。以不同的田野錄音方法及技術伸展人們的耳朵,Cedric Maridet 將會展示不同聆聽環境聲音的方式,讓你重新經驗這個充滿聲音的世界,發現從未聆聽過的聲音,與及如何以此作為起點去創作聲音藝術作品。他會以不同的聲音藝術創作形式及作品作引入,同時介紹個人的聲域探索和實驗。

* * * *

講座時間: 3:30 – 5:30pm

講座地點: 領域一及二 >> 香港文化中心行政大樓4樓展覽館領域三至五 >> 香港兆基創意書院展覽廳

費用: $50


**特別購票優惠﹕凡購買講座系列門票3節 – 9折;4節 – 85折;5節 – 8折

主辦: 康樂及文化事務署

統籌: orleanlaiproject

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ChoP: WEF on tour in China

Tour Schedule:

2 June 21:00: 深圳 (Shenzhen), 凉茶铺 (Liangcha Shop) - 40RMB
3 June 21:00: 佛山 (Foshan), 元丽和画廊 (Niliho Gallery) - 30RMB
5 June 21:00: 长沙 (Changsha), Freedom House - 30RMB
6 June 21:00: 武汉(Wuhan), Vox Club - 30RMB
9 June 21:00: 广州 (Guangzhou), 乒乓艺术空间 (Ping Pong Art Space) - 40RMB
10 June 21:00: 佛山 (Foshan), 梁园 (Liang Garden)
12 June 21:00: 香港(Hong Kong), Videotage - 100HK$


Shenzhen: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+KLC_NIR+Sin:Ned
Foshan: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+Dickson Dee+KLC_NIR+Liang Guojian
Changsha: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+KLC_NIR
Wuhan: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+KLC_NIR
Guangzhou: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+KLC_NIR+Dickson Dee
Hong Kong: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+KLC_NIR+Sin:Ned

For more details:

Tour Blog:

Monday, May 11, 2009

RED_shift: A Sound Exhibition & Performance for the Red Compilation

Jointly presented by Lona Records and Re-Records, RED_shift is an exhibition and live experimental sound performance for the 3-CD compilation Red.

For this special event, guest artists are invited to join forces with Lona artists featured in the Red compilation for a opening live performance. Four improvisation trio/duo, Rudra, Reductive Electrodynamics, Sixth Ray and M are formed especially for this event. These super groups, which might not be seen again on stage after this event, will be performing on the opening of RED_shift, to explore a whole new dimension of experimental avant-garde.

During the week of RED_shift, there will be sound installation by Yan Jun and No One Pulse at the venue. In addition to Lona Records’ standard releases, limited edition CD, artworks and sound devices will also be available for auction.

RED_shift是Lona Records及Re-Records為3-CD合輯Red首發而舉行的一次展覧及聯演。

是次RED_shift展覧中,除了顏峻及No One Pulse的聲音裝置外,還會展示出一系列由各Lona Records聲音藝術家、實驗樂家親手製作的超限量特別版CD、藝術品及實驗聲音工具,而部份更在展覧期間接及競投拍賣。當然,少不了的還有Lona Records的標準出品及Red合輯。

同時,Lona Records更請來嘉賓藝術家與Red合輯的藝術家組成Rudra, Reductive Electrodynamics, Sixth Ray and M四隊超級即興樂團,為Red_shift作開幕首演,跨躍實驗電聲與迷幻噪音之間,重新構想大中華先鋒音樂的可能性。這四個三重奏及二重奏之組合陣容均從未公開亮相演出,是次演出亦很可能只此一次,可一不可再。

Opening Performance開幕式: May-16 8:00 PM

Admission: RMB50


Rudra (Alok / Wilson / Sin:Ned)
Reductive Electrodynamics (ZenLu / Alok)
Sixth Ray (Lin Zhiying / KLC_NIR / Wilson Tsang)
M (Yan Jun / Sin:Ned)

Exhibition展覧: May-16 to May-22

Admission: Free

Artists: Yan Jun, Alok, Wilson Tsang, No One Pulse, KWC, Sin:Ned

Venue 場地: Liangcha Shop (凉茶铺)

Address 地址: F3 Block,Enping Road,Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区恩平街华侨城创意文化园OCT-LOFT F3栋, LSD对面)

Presented by Lona Records & Re-Records

Proudly supported by Liangcha Shop, We Play! Records & Neo Sound

About Red

Red is the first compilation of Lona Records' Color Series.
Red is a massive 3-CD compilation (including 28 pages A5 size booklet) that goes beyond genre and pigeon holes. In Red, Lona Records invited 16 pioneering Chinese sound artists and musicians from China, Hong Kong and overseas to present their interpretation on the color red.

The result is a radical and eclectic mix of experimental sounds, extreme noises, and atmospheric instrumentations.

RED是香港獨立音樂廠牌Lona Records的首張合輯。




Ibid (A. Duncan + Xper.Xr) (倫敦) / 顏峻 (北京) / Torturing Nurse (上海) / 李劍鴻 (杭洲) / 王長存 (杭洲) / 白天 (成都) / Ronez (桂林) / ZenLu (深圳) / Alok (香港) / Fathmount (香港) / KWC (香港) / No One Pulse (香港) / Sin:Ned (香港) / VSOP (香港) / Wilson Tsang (香港) / 檢德大厦(香港)

About Lona Records

Set up in 2003, Lona Records is an independent label in Hong Kong preoccupied with producing alternative/experimental music.

In December 2005, we launched a series of 3" CDR singles as an attempt to explore the aesthetic boundaries of experimental sound. Each 3" CDR or 3" DVDR features musical/multi-media works by independent artists from across the world, including the U.K., U.S., Italy, Sweden, mainland China, and Hong Kong etc. Each volume is released in a limited numbered edition of 50. From droning to clicks n' cuts, from glitch to avant-garde, from ambient to extreme noise, we venture off the beaten path and bring all sorts of exciting sounds to a worldwide audience.

Alongside the 3" series we also release CDs in larger size and quantity, which include the official album Hou Guan Yin of FM3 + Dou Wei from Beijing , the first official album She Traded Her Leg of Jeffrey Bützer from the United States, and the debut EP and album of The Yours from Hong Kong.

成立於2003年的獨立音樂廠牌Lona Records,由資深獨立音樂人Alok主理,一直旗幟鮮明地專注於實驗/另類音樂的製作及發行。自2005年底,Lona Records開展了一個3吋singles的系列,四出招惹世界各地的實驗音樂人,讓他們發表自己的實驗成果。在短短一年間,這系列的出品已累積至20多張,合作過的音樂人來自五湖四海,包括英國、美國、意大利、瑞典、挪威、中國大陸等,當然也少不了來自香港本地的朋友。在3吋系列以外,亦出版了多張官方專輯,包括FM3和竇唯的《后觀音》、Jeffrey Bützer的《She Traded Her Leg》和The Yours的首張EP《Abraham》。

About Re-Records

Re-Records is a "record label" project by experimental electro-acoustic duo No One Pulse from Hong Kong.With Re, we don't solely aim to be an outlet for releasing self initiated or other affiliated projects, but also for artists and releases we deem interesting.

Other than standard releases, our catalogue includes specialized series such as Doc (Documentary/Documents), On (On Location) and 185 (3" CD-R).

Re-Records是香港實驗電聲二人組No One Pulse的一個廠牌項目。除了No One Pulse成員的作品及相關藝術項目外,Re的目錄更包括其他藝術家的作品,及Doc (Documentary/Documents)、On (On Location) 及185 (三吋CD-R) 等不同的專門系列。

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

水陸觀音 & RED



Date: 1 – 15 , April, 2009
Venue: Phonograph
Address: 2 Austin Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui, HK
Visuals: domting
Painting and Installation: Wilson Tsang

Date: 3, April, 2009
Time: 9 – 11 PM
Price: FREE
DJ: Alok / Nerve

Date: 10, April, 2009
Time: 9 – 11 PM
Price: FREE
DJ: iii Plays Red (Live Set) / domting

Live Concert
Date: 11, April, 2009
Time: 8 – 11 PM
HKD 80 (including 1 drink)
HKD 120 (including 1 drink + RED 3-CD compilation)
Artists: Alok / KWC / Nerve / No One Pulse / Sin:Ned / Wilson Tsang

Presented by Lona Records & Para/Site

Monday, February 23, 2009

Review of Ghost Feeding Vessel & LINGK

Two Nice reviews from Heathen Harvest:

Sin:Ned / Nerve - Ghost Feeding Vessel

This is a split release between Sin:Ned and Nerve.

This split album from Hong Kong locals Sin:Ned and Nerve is a recorded performance on the eve of the Chinese Ghost Festival as accompaniment to a multimedia installation of video projection by two other artists at the Para/Site Art Space. It is a spatially haunting piece endemic to both region and intention – discernibly Asian and noticeably supernal.

The quality of the single track that sheds skin and phantasmagoria over a little less than forty minutes is to be commended for a live recording, the electronics so pristine they finely shave away all low-fi or hazed excesses yet despite the digital crystallisation is not frigid.

Intended to serve as a bridge those in this world and those in the next, ‘Ghost Feeding Vessel’ is thankfully not a dolorous drone of decay and depression for it is far too electric and chaotic. Bell chimes limn the air like the fragrance of jasmine, delicate and almost imperceptible; flutes flit and dart in Asian scale tones down to their quarters as swift as the smallest of winged birds; gongs explode showers of golden dust; even the more electronic oscillating susurrations are treated with a light deftness and inveigle the senses. Sounds coalesce and crescendo in attempt to force embrasure.

Several movements collate ‘Ghost Feeding Vessel’ with the middle section less ghostly than the lead-in as electronic glitches patter little rhythms with the sampled noise of dust. The last movement, however, seems to step away from the realms of spirits and becomes mired in an urban maelstrom of squalling frequencies and rapid and uncontrolled leaps of percussion. This detraction seems to close more than open the aperture into the formless.

The album is a limited affair, one-hundred CDr copies are presented better than the average slap-together, with a black silk-screen coated disc (quite a rarity for a CDr) and heavy gloss card in full colour. An intriguing symmetrical icon burns an optical illusion with lens flare that has your pupils dilating. (symbolique)

No One Pulse - LINGK

The Hong Kong duo of Wong Chung-fai (Sin:ned, Music Colony Bi-Weekly Magazine) and Chau Kin-wai (Sleepatwork) recording as No One Pulse, specialise in conceptually minimalistic, but broadly-painted, soundscapes, utilising electronic blips, hums and squeaks. In their own terms these are micro-sound experiments and “freeform” electronics, collated and built from both studio-based and live recordings. There are hints of a certain formalism to some of the microstructural minutiae of the compositions, but above and beyond that the pair introduce elements of random interpolations and chaotic improvisation. This is not to imply any Stockhausen-style atonality is present – rather, in much the same way that matter behaves in the real world, structures are allowed to emerge out of the randomicity without attempting to confine the music into any theoretical straitjacket. What we have then could be said to mimic the natural processes, albeit on a smaller scale, that form the bedrock of material existence around us.

I have to advise that I use the word minimal very loosely here – the sounds employed are in essence very few in number, but stack themselves up in successive layers to produce a convoluted complexity. Random concatenations, microscopic detonations and explosions, sheets of accelerated particles, high-energy sonic excitations, and hums, clicks and squeals – these are the fundamental particles that surge and flow, that collide and split, and form the basis of No One Pulse’s musical discourse. It’s never loud or harsh, although sometimes the drones and squeals have a habit of drilling into the head, just like some neutrino ploughing through miles of rock.

Indeed, the sounds on here remind me very much of the ‘music of the spheres’, created through both macro and micro-scale processes, picked up and recorded by radio astronomers – the constant flux of creation caught in spectral sound. It’s like the pair have journeyed through the heart of star-fields and galactic nurseries, sailed into vast dust-clouds of energetic radioactivity or flown past extra-solar planetary systems, all the while pointing sensitive antennae at them and recorded the fluttering, the whistling, the crackling, the humming and the heartbeats of black holes and galaxies hidden in the airlessness of space. And in between the interstices of sound there is space, eternal light-years of hyperactive nothingness, bristling with unseen and unfelt energies. Above all one gets the impression, the certain feeling in fact, of vast limitless expanses, where the stars and galaxies are on the same scale to the universe as atoms and subatomic particles are to our human comprehension. Little islands of coagulated matter clump together here and there, accreting and spinning, before amassing sufficient to form new systems and worlds.

Simultaneously, one can also envisage a journey through the particle-rich quantum world, which in its own way can be considered as just another universe itself, albeit compacted into an infinitesimally small space, but still an analogue of the bigger one. Therefore I wouldn’t be surprised, should we develop sensitive enough instruments, that we detect a similar subatomic symphony, equally as energetic and equally as noisy. And No One Pulse’s entirely naturalistic soundtrack can just be as fittingly applied to that scale as it can to its opposite. In that sense, it’s truly a work that encompasses the entire spectrum of creation in its scope.

It would be true to say, then, that experimental music has not only a global reach, but in this particular case can actually encompass whole worlds, from the small to the galactic. LINGK contains it all, condensing the whole spectrum into a palatable form, while simultaneously moulding it into a work of abstract beauty. The near-lightspeed blasts of particles no human eye could possibly ever see, the lightyears-long tendrils of starstuff left over from supernovae or the massive columns of gas and dust serving as the wombs of new stars; who would have thought that you could have shoehorned that lot onto a disc of plastic only 5” in diameter. (S:M:J63)

Friday, February 06, 2009

Performance Footage

Uploaded a few excerpts from previous perfomance to YouTube....