Thursday, May 12, 2011

Medium: interacting sights, sounds & senses

Date & Time: May 20 (Friday) · 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Venue: Osage Open (4/F Union Hing Yip Factory Building, 20 Hing Yip Street)
Featuring new media artists from Switzerland and Japan, “Medium” is a cutting edge multi-media performance interlinking sights, sounds and senses. With the use of unorthodox sound generating techniques, old-fashion television, and alcohol as the mediums, this is an interactive performance that goes beyond sight and sound.

Tickets: $120 / $80

Ricardo da Silva (Electronics / Switzerland)
… (Electronics / Switzerland)
23N! (Electronics / Japan)

Guest performer:
KWC (Electronics / Hong Kong)

Co-organized by:

Supported by:
Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

About the artists:

Ricardo da Silva

Sight and sound performer, Ricardo da Silva comes from Portugal and is now living in Switzerland.

He is especially interested in borderline relations between images and sound and considers both at the same time in his work.

For sound, he works with modular synthesizers, granular synthesis and live sampling. For his visual works, he works with live sampling, noise patterns generators and 3D lightcone sculptures. Active since 2005, he has been playing extensively across Switzerland and Western Europe under various names and collectives such as: Thomas More Project, CINE-NOISE, TV-NOISE, KOMINFORM and his regular name.

Extra bio: RdS is also a film critic interested in unconventional forms of filmmaking and curator for Oblo Cinema in Lausanne (Switzerland) he organized several international festivals devoted to experimental filmmaking and music.


Niko[la] Mounoud born chromosome XY at 46° 26' 00'' N, 6° 55' 00'' E. presents his solo project . . .

Instead of using cords, wind or percussions, he prefers to focus his work on the feedback (larsen) of both analogue and digital materials.

Impossible to be bored, challenging to dance, merging of all styles of music, it is a subtle crossover between hard composed parts and sweet improvisations. All of that condensed in a short time live that will definitely clean your ears and reconcile you with noises.

Niko is also curator of some itinerant music events and festivals in Switzerland such as Nocturnes MadeOneShot and LUFF - Lausanne Underground Film & music Festival.
He is the co-founder of an independent laboratory for photography and cinema on celluloid called "On fait du l'art !" based in Lausanne, Switzerland.


23N! (Stéphane Shibatsuji-Perrin) is a noise music performer living in Tokyo and performing since 2007 with various projects such as Droise, The Ningen Dogs Orchestra, Kousenjuu...

For this Asian tour, he will be performing with two recent solo projects: Nunk on Droise and TV Bug.

Nunk on Droise is a radical, bodily noise performance based on the live consumption of alcohol.

TV Bug is a minimalist audiovisual performance and an elegy to analog television.


While not designing, KWC spends time cutting loops and recording with his non-standard portable devices, he’s 1/2 of the electro-acoustic improvisation duo No One Pulse and co-founder of the experimental imprint Re-Records.

While not making sounds, KWC spends time designing in CMYK or RGB and curating art projects occasionally.