Monday, July 07, 2014


Patchwork of physical sound & noise, weaving into an investigative ritual of existential introspection…

Dave Phillips (CH)
Mei Zhiyong (CN)
Olaf Hochherz (DE)

Date: Jul-17, 2014
Time: 8:30 PM
Venue: Gallery, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
135 Junction Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Lok Fu MTR Exit B)
Admission: Pay What You Want

Jointly presented by Re-Records & Twenty Alpha
Venue Sponsor: HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Dave Phillips tour is supported by Pro Helvetia & Stadt Zürich Kultur.

About the Performers:

Dave Phillips / dp (CH)
dp re/searches and ponders existences and behaviourisms humanimalistically via audio de/construction, psycho-acoustics and sonic rituals. Sound as communication in direct and primal form, a tool of metaphysics, a conscience, an unrestrained language. Sound as a means to activate primordial shared emotions otherwise hidden by civilized experience. dp's work engages, invites existentialist rumination, demands awareness, endorses sentient and environmental e/quality and encourages intervention and responibility; therapeutical aspects are acknowledged; a form of release is delivered, a liberating cleansing, a sound catharsis opposing the omnipresent reduction of existence and putting us in touch with our sentient origins as with the realities of our times - dp rings in the era of humanimal.

Sonically active for over 25 years, dp has appeared on 150+ releases and has played near to 400 concerts in 40 countries.

Mei Zhiyong (CN)
Harsh noise performer, founder of the tape release label Fuzztape, and member of the Chinese noise collective NOJIJI. As a noise artist, he is looking for insane expression of high volume harsh noise, and unusual ways of releasing sound from all kinds of device.

Olaf Hochherz (DE)
Olaf Hochherz is born 1981 in Wuppertal/Germany. He improvises with self build electronic instruments and is interested in unstable systems. His goal is not to control a technical aperture but to create an associative field. The sounds have their own live. His playing tries to keep them alive. He is interested in the effect acoustic activity has, the relation between surrounding environment and instruments, between abstract sounds and associations, between electrical and other worlds.

About Re-Records & NOISE to SIGNAL:
Re-Records is a record label initiated by experimental / electro-acoustic duo No One Pulse from Hong Kong. With Re, we don’t solely aim to be an outlet for releasing self-initiated or other affiliated projects, but also for artists and releases we deem interesting.

Twenty Alpha | 20ά:
20α (Twenty Alpha) focuses on the development of experimental music and film in Hong Kong. We strive to connect musicians, filmmakers, organizations, venues from local and worldwide, and share the outcome with Hong Kong audiences, especially youth. Our goal is to provide a platform for experiment through interaction and collaboration. We believe knowledge and creativity can be enhanced by deeper level of collaboration and exchange of ideas.

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