Monday, March 29, 2010

Switched On! Mini Festival

Switched On! Mini Festival
Electronics + Improv + Workshops @ Osage Soho
April 1-9 2010

Be Switched On! this April @ Osage Soho

* Performances by international and Hong Kong artists
* Workshops on the crafts of synthesizing, field recording, circuit bending and much more! Suitable for artists, musicians and anyone curious about sound and sonic art.

Booking and enquiry
Nancy Chua: Tel: (852) 2172 1696
Carven Ho: Tel: (852) 2537 0688

01.04.2010 (Thu)
Artists’ Talk: Techno(sexual) Bodies X

Launch of dorkbot-hk, the Hong Kong station of the international network for electricity. This will be followed by talks by the co-curator and artists from the exhibition Techno(sexual) Bodies, at Videotage, the founder of dorkbot-sf, programmer of Stelarc's Prosthetic Head and Survival Research Lab. They will present their projects relating to sex, technology, post-humanism and cyberspace. The talk is co-presented by dorkbot-hk and Videotage

Speakers: Johannes Grezfurthner (Austria), Heather Kelley (USA/CAN), Karen Marcelo (USA), Bonni Rambatan (Indonesia)

01.04.2010 (Thu)

Performance: Tetragrammaton (Japan) + Dickson Dee (Hong Kong)
+ Richard Francis (NZ)

Tetragrammaton (Japan)
TOMO - Hurdy Gurdy, Soprano Saxophone, Theremin, Electronics
Cal Lyall - (Tabletop) Guitar, Electronics
Nobunaga Ken - Drums, Percussion

April 3-4 WORKSHOPS with Hong Kong Sound Artists
No experience necessary
Workshop tickets:$150 (Standard) $120 (Concession) or $400 / $ 320 (Concession) for all three workshops

03.04.2010 (Sat)

Extend Your Ears
An Introduction to Field Recording, by Edwin Lo

In this workshop on field recording, Edwin Lo will show how to successfully record the sounds surrounding you and how they can be transformed and incorporated in a sonic art work. He will explain the different perspectives of this practice by sharing his thoughts, and will guide you through his experiences, different creative works and actual field-recording. This will enable the participants to have a better understanding of this technique.

04.04.2010 (Sun)

Unorthodox Sound Making with Wong Chung-fai, a.k.a Sin:Ned

Wong Chung-fai will lead participants to explore non-standard sound making processes with everyday objects. Get hands on with electronics and explore the hidden sounds around you!
Wong Chung-fai, a.k.a Sin:Ned will lead this workshop is for all those who believe that all sounds are equal, and all sounds deserved to be listened equally and deeply; those who hear music in noise and have fond interest in the beauty of chaos and errors and those who want to explore the hidden sounds around us and alternative approaches to sounds and music.
What to expect: Theory and practice of non-standard sound making processes, ranging from circuit bending to mis-use of non-musical devices. The workshop will feature live demonstrations by sound artist Sin:Ned and his avant-group No One Pulse. No previous experience is necessary.
What to bring: Open mind and old small battery operated devices such as: radio, old mobile phones, remote controls, wireless mouse…etc.

09.04.2010 (Sun)

Become a Sound Sculptor
Using Synthesizers and Effects, with Paul Yip

This workshop with Paul Yip will teach participants how to make interesting and distinctive sounds and create a unique sound sculpture with your own hand. Using synthesizers and effects: ADSR envelopes, filters, oscillators, ring modulators, LFO, reverb, delay, distortion, overdrive etc, this workshop will demonstrate the infinite ways to create interesting and distinctive sounds and allow participants to create their own sound sculptures.

09.04.2010 (Fri)
$120/80 (with 1 free CD of iii)
Performance: C-drík (Belgium/ Zaire) Live In Hong Kong 2010,
Supported by Alok/ KWC
Live Visual by Wong Chung-fai
From electro-acoustic to electro-ethnic experimentations, from punk to free jazz…

C-drík Fermont, Belgian musician born in Zaire (DRC) travels all over the world looking for new sounds. From electro-acoustic to electro-ethnic experimentations, from punk to free jazz. He satisfies his curiosity through the production of Asian and African artists on his label Syrphe, currently writing a book about experimental and electronic music in both continents. C-drík collaborates with avant-garde musicians (Mick Harris, Yan Jun, etc.), traditional ones (Khamsuane Vongthomkhan) or theatre and dance companies (Anh Khánh Studio, Guangzhou Modern Dance Company, etc.) or visual art and cinema (Gisèle Pape).

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