Saturday, September 05, 2009

Stay Tuned & Get Ready for a Deep Listening Journey...

No One Pulse

In this second full length album from the Hong Kong electro-acoustic duo, the micro-noise improvisation journey continues. With two long live improvisation cuts and two short studio recordings, E is the place where micro-sound meets noise electronics. If the last album, LINGK, is a revelation of the quantum mechanical sonic world, E is a bold venture in testing the boundary of such sub-atomic territory.

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Deeply influenced by the Tokyo Psychedelic Underground, Hong Kong experimentalist Sin:Ned created a never-ending and eternally self-referencing world of noise and extreme frequency. The two solo improvisations on modified Omnichord unleashed the full darkness hidden inside the bent circuitry of the instruments. A complex structure of razor sharp power lines running through an endless maze of psychedelic trans-configuration. Free and abstract. Forceful yet intricate. A brutal journey about the poetic of lost soul and dead spirit.

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Yan Jun

The first release of our On Location series. From one of the most influential Chinese sound artists of our time. A new master piece that for sure will redefine site-specific and field recordings oriented sound works. This sound diary was recorded in Lamma Island, by Beijing sound artist, Yan Jun, during his stay in Hong Kong for the AROUND sound festival in 2009. The imaginative approach of Yan Jun simply opens up a whole new world for field recordings. From now on, field recordings will never be the same.

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Anson Mak

An academic audio work from the award winning phonograph artist Anson Mak (ex-AMK). In this new CD, she brings to us not only result of her long time research on the endangered sound and community of Kwun Tong (a district soon to be destroyed by the Hong Kong government’s urban renewal program), but also a very personal story. Almost like a mini research. Only difference is that, this one is filled with personal significance.

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