Thursday, May 14, 2009

ChoP: WEF on tour in China

Tour Schedule:

2 June 21:00: 深圳 (Shenzhen), 凉茶铺 (Liangcha Shop) - 40RMB
3 June 21:00: 佛山 (Foshan), 元丽和画廊 (Niliho Gallery) - 30RMB
5 June 21:00: 长沙 (Changsha), Freedom House - 30RMB
6 June 21:00: 武汉(Wuhan), Vox Club - 30RMB
9 June 21:00: 广州 (Guangzhou), 乒乓艺术空间 (Ping Pong Art Space) - 40RMB
10 June 21:00: 佛山 (Foshan), 梁园 (Liang Garden)
12 June 21:00: 香港(Hong Kong), Videotage - 100HK$


Shenzhen: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+KLC_NIR+Sin:Ned
Foshan: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+Dickson Dee+KLC_NIR+Liang Guojian
Changsha: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+KLC_NIR
Wuhan: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+KLC_NIR
Guangzhou: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+KLC_NIR+Dickson Dee
Hong Kong: Eta Carinae+Minoo+Nejmano+Zen Lu+KLC_NIR+Sin:Ned

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Monday, May 11, 2009

RED_shift: A Sound Exhibition & Performance for the Red Compilation

Jointly presented by Lona Records and Re-Records, RED_shift is an exhibition and live experimental sound performance for the 3-CD compilation Red.

For this special event, guest artists are invited to join forces with Lona artists featured in the Red compilation for a opening live performance. Four improvisation trio/duo, Rudra, Reductive Electrodynamics, Sixth Ray and M are formed especially for this event. These super groups, which might not be seen again on stage after this event, will be performing on the opening of RED_shift, to explore a whole new dimension of experimental avant-garde.

During the week of RED_shift, there will be sound installation by Yan Jun and No One Pulse at the venue. In addition to Lona Records’ standard releases, limited edition CD, artworks and sound devices will also be available for auction.

RED_shift是Lona Records及Re-Records為3-CD合輯Red首發而舉行的一次展覧及聯演。

是次RED_shift展覧中,除了顏峻及No One Pulse的聲音裝置外,還會展示出一系列由各Lona Records聲音藝術家、實驗樂家親手製作的超限量特別版CD、藝術品及實驗聲音工具,而部份更在展覧期間接及競投拍賣。當然,少不了的還有Lona Records的標準出品及Red合輯。

同時,Lona Records更請來嘉賓藝術家與Red合輯的藝術家組成Rudra, Reductive Electrodynamics, Sixth Ray and M四隊超級即興樂團,為Red_shift作開幕首演,跨躍實驗電聲與迷幻噪音之間,重新構想大中華先鋒音樂的可能性。這四個三重奏及二重奏之組合陣容均從未公開亮相演出,是次演出亦很可能只此一次,可一不可再。

Opening Performance開幕式: May-16 8:00 PM

Admission: RMB50


Rudra (Alok / Wilson / Sin:Ned)
Reductive Electrodynamics (ZenLu / Alok)
Sixth Ray (Lin Zhiying / KLC_NIR / Wilson Tsang)
M (Yan Jun / Sin:Ned)

Exhibition展覧: May-16 to May-22

Admission: Free

Artists: Yan Jun, Alok, Wilson Tsang, No One Pulse, KWC, Sin:Ned

Venue 場地: Liangcha Shop (凉茶铺)

Address 地址: F3 Block,Enping Road,Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区恩平街华侨城创意文化园OCT-LOFT F3栋, LSD对面)

Presented by Lona Records & Re-Records

Proudly supported by Liangcha Shop, We Play! Records & Neo Sound

About Red

Red is the first compilation of Lona Records' Color Series.
Red is a massive 3-CD compilation (including 28 pages A5 size booklet) that goes beyond genre and pigeon holes. In Red, Lona Records invited 16 pioneering Chinese sound artists and musicians from China, Hong Kong and overseas to present their interpretation on the color red.

The result is a radical and eclectic mix of experimental sounds, extreme noises, and atmospheric instrumentations.

RED是香港獨立音樂廠牌Lona Records的首張合輯。




Ibid (A. Duncan + Xper.Xr) (倫敦) / 顏峻 (北京) / Torturing Nurse (上海) / 李劍鴻 (杭洲) / 王長存 (杭洲) / 白天 (成都) / Ronez (桂林) / ZenLu (深圳) / Alok (香港) / Fathmount (香港) / KWC (香港) / No One Pulse (香港) / Sin:Ned (香港) / VSOP (香港) / Wilson Tsang (香港) / 檢德大厦(香港)

About Lona Records

Set up in 2003, Lona Records is an independent label in Hong Kong preoccupied with producing alternative/experimental music.

In December 2005, we launched a series of 3" CDR singles as an attempt to explore the aesthetic boundaries of experimental sound. Each 3" CDR or 3" DVDR features musical/multi-media works by independent artists from across the world, including the U.K., U.S., Italy, Sweden, mainland China, and Hong Kong etc. Each volume is released in a limited numbered edition of 50. From droning to clicks n' cuts, from glitch to avant-garde, from ambient to extreme noise, we venture off the beaten path and bring all sorts of exciting sounds to a worldwide audience.

Alongside the 3" series we also release CDs in larger size and quantity, which include the official album Hou Guan Yin of FM3 + Dou Wei from Beijing , the first official album She Traded Her Leg of Jeffrey Bützer from the United States, and the debut EP and album of The Yours from Hong Kong.

成立於2003年的獨立音樂廠牌Lona Records,由資深獨立音樂人Alok主理,一直旗幟鮮明地專注於實驗/另類音樂的製作及發行。自2005年底,Lona Records開展了一個3吋singles的系列,四出招惹世界各地的實驗音樂人,讓他們發表自己的實驗成果。在短短一年間,這系列的出品已累積至20多張,合作過的音樂人來自五湖四海,包括英國、美國、意大利、瑞典、挪威、中國大陸等,當然也少不了來自香港本地的朋友。在3吋系列以外,亦出版了多張官方專輯,包括FM3和竇唯的《后觀音》、Jeffrey Bützer的《She Traded Her Leg》和The Yours的首張EP《Abraham》。

About Re-Records

Re-Records is a "record label" project by experimental electro-acoustic duo No One Pulse from Hong Kong.With Re, we don't solely aim to be an outlet for releasing self initiated or other affiliated projects, but also for artists and releases we deem interesting.

Other than standard releases, our catalogue includes specialized series such as Doc (Documentary/Documents), On (On Location) and 185 (3" CD-R).

Re-Records是香港實驗電聲二人組No One Pulse的一個廠牌項目。除了No One Pulse成員的作品及相關藝術項目外,Re的目錄更包括其他藝術家的作品,及Doc (Documentary/Documents)、On (On Location) 及185 (三吋CD-R) 等不同的專門系列。