Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Interview and performance footage of Medium 2

Solo Electric Erhu

A solo erhu set of Sin:Ned at the SOUND SA TOUR 2011. Recorded live at Hidden Agenda, Hong Kong on Jul-3 2011 by Paul Yip.

Monday, November 28, 2011

M ~ Yan Jun。Wong Chung-fai。Li Zenghui

Date: Dec-18, 2011
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: Hidden Agenda
6/F, Ko Leung Industrial Bldg, 25 Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Ticket: $100 (advance reservation), $120 (walk-in)
Jointly presented by Hidden Agenda, Re-Records & Sub Jam

Enquiry: hiddenagendahk@gmail.com
Tel : 91706073

Yan Jun / 颜峻
Wong Chung-fai / 黃仲輝
Li Zenghui / 李增輝

Special Guests: Alok / Nerve

About the performance:

M is a special improvisation project initiated by Yan Jun and Wong Chung-fai. The first two performances of M were presented in Shenzhen (Neo Sound, 2009) and Beijing (Waterland Kwanyin, 2009). In this debut performance in Hong Kong, M has been expanded from a duo to a trio, with special appearance of avant-jazz saxophone player Li Zenghui.

Advance copies of M, the recordings that documents their Shenzhen and Beijing performance, to be released by Re-Records, will be available at the concert.

About the artists:

Yan Jun
Yan Jun, working with sound and language.

Born in Lanzhou in 1973. Based in Beijing. B.A. of Chinese Literature.

As an improviser he uses feedback noise in recent concerts. sound influenced by PA, space and audience’s movement. observe rather than express. a portable project “micro feedback”: for hypnotize audience by earphone.

Occasionally use sunflower seeds as instrument. also field recording, site-specific sound, writing, publishing, curating.

Founder of Sub Jam/Kwanyin Records. Member of FEN (Fareast Network). Has toured around China and internationally.

2011: Asian Culture Council residency in New York; Rotterdam International Poetry Festival; Honorary Mention of Prix Ars Electronica; Living Room Tour project Beijing…


Wong Chung-fai
Also known as Sin:Ned, an idiosyncratic improviser, experimentalist, live-visualist, mirco-curator and free-lance writer from Hong Kong. Also co-founder of the experimental imprint Re-Records, member of the electro-acoustic duo No One Pulse, and Advisor of soundpocket.

Being a veteran writer of the legendary Hong Kong alternative music magazine MCB (Music Colony B-Weekly), his writings had influenced a wide spectrum of experimental musicians and listeners. While not writing as a pseudo-music critic elaborating his esoteric worldview, in the same idiosyncratic fashion, he spends much of his time hacking and sculpting sonic materials with his laptop and various non-standard electronic gears. With his on-going experimentation embracing improvisation, noise, errors, chaos and randomness, he has been re-visioning an unorthodox sound-making process expressed in extreme dichotomies, and driven by intuition and direct experience.

He has offered performance and creative work for concert, sound installation, workshop, audio-visual and theatrical performance. He had taken part and performed in various art events such as HK Sound and Vision Festival (2003), Get It Louder (2007), Hong Kong & Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (2007, 2009), Architecture is Art Festival (2009), Notch Festival 2009 Guangzhou Station (2009).


Li Zenghui
Born 1983 in Qingdao, China. Relocated to Beijing in 2007. A Saxophone player, poet and voice experimentalist. He is the most promising star in China’s free music / avant-jazz realm. He had found the indie / experimental rock band “the Tipsy Verse” in 2001. Afterwards he held a concurrent post as the keyboard player in “Pipedream Princess”. Also co-founder of “Walnut Room” with Feng Hao in 2007.


Sound artist, guitarist and bassist. In 2002, he set up his own record label Lona Records, and started working as a producer. From the end of 2002 to 2009, he released 5 albums and 5 cd singles. He has played and participated in more than 100 shows and experimental events / projects in Hong Kong and China. Phon°noir was also invited to take part in the remix album of Phon°noir, an electronica German artist.

Selected Show: International Film Festival Closing Party (2002), Mondialito Live in HK (2005), AGF Live in HK (2005), Get It Louder (2007), Emmanuel Mieville Live in HK (2007), Red / Red_Shift: A Sound Exhibition & Perfromance For The Red Compilation in HK / Shenzhen (2009), Street Music West Kowloon (2010), The Listening Room 4 (2010), Rebuilding Haiti (2010).


Nerve Nerve graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a master degree in composition and electronic music. He is a member of experimental electronic music group VSOP and DJ of the club nights “Headroom” and “Are Friends Electric?”. With his multidisciplinary background, Nerve’s main interest lies in exploring and experimenting the boundaries between contemporary music, sound art, multimedia theatre and pop culture.