Saturday, September 27, 2008


ChoP是一個由深圳電音藝術家ZenLu發起的跨國交流項目,每輯均邀請一位中國藝術家及一位波蘭藝術家合作。第一、二集的中國代表分別有ZenLu及華人實驗音樂先鋒Dickson Dee,而我則應邀參與第三集,與波蘭電子樂家Minoo作遙距合作。

Improvision的七首純音樂作品極富層次感,也特別強調即興性,調混著幻變的躁音及詭異的律韻。Minoo的演奏力及音樂感超強。Yin John及Wingse (還記得她倆在Anima的演出嗎?) 獻聲相助,再加上Alok幾能點石成金的Mastering,Improvision是一輯性格鮮烈的聲響交鋒演練。

ChoP vol.3-Improvision
Sin:Ned(Hong Kong)+Minoo(Poland)

Track List:
1. Demons in Ion
2. Dimension On
3. Dis-Neon in Om
4. Dines in Mono
5. Mind Sine Noon
6. Mind Noise On
7. Dimension No

P+C 2008 We Play!Records

All tracks composed and performed by Wong Chung-fai (Sin:Ned) & Pawel Pruski (Minoo)

Track 7 contains sonic elements by Yin John and Wingse

Recorded in Hong Kong & Poland, Feb – Jul 2008

Mastered by Alok at bitMap, Hong Kong, Aug 2008

Designed by Hei Lee at Altscape Creative

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Marc Behrens Concert in Hong Kong

Marc Behrens Concert in Hong Kong (surround sound set)
Opening guest : Sin:Ned (HK)

Ticket Price: HKD$150 [AT DOOR ONLY]
Venue: Videotage
Date: 10 Sept 2008
Door Open: 8:00p.m.
Organized by White Noise
equipment supported by Videotage
Informations : White NoiseTel : 25910499 //

Marc Behrens Bio
Born in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1970.Marc Behrens lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, since 1991, during 2003 also in Grimacco/UD, Italy. He studied Communication and Product Design and has always been present in more than one artistic area at the time.

After beginning his musical studies in experimental jazz and rock groups in the late 1980s and pursuing a series of music releases, acoustic feedback recordings, and multimedia works throughout the 1990s, today Behrens is perhaps best classed as a sound artist, working across performance, installation, and recorded media (audio and video). He also creates photographic works and CD sleeve design.

Behrens has performed and exhibited extensively across Europe, the Middle East, North America, and East Asia. Collaborations with Achim Wollscheid, Bernhard Gunter, Francisco Lopez, Jeremy Bernstein, Nikolaus Heyduck, Paulo Raposo, among others.

He is a member of the Frankfurt Association for Contemporary Music (FGNM), the German Association for Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM), subscriber to the Electronic Music Foundation (EMF), and a citizen of The Kingdoms of Elgaland~Vargaland. 2003–2007 he was co-director of the Portuguese label Sirr.

Marc Behrens is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts, Saarbrucken, Germany and the University of Applied Arts Darmstadt-Dieburg, Germany.