Friday, September 01, 2006

60 Seconds: A Schizophrenic Manual for Eternity

第二張以Sin:Ned名義於Lona Records發表的3吋CDR,將會於九月七日推出:

Sin:Ned - 60 Seconds: A Schizophrenic Manual for Eternity

What shall we do with 60 seconds? If 60 seconds is all that is left, what shall we do with such short period of time? How significant can 60 seconds be? How do we value something? Do we count, simply by the length of its existence?

These are the questions underlying the original audio/visual internet project “60 Seconds” organized by Sleepatwork.

“60 Seconds: A Schizophrenic Manual for Eternity” consists of 18 audio works each in the length of 60 seconds, as inspired by the original “60 Seconds” project. It is an irrational rhetoric of extreme mood swing and boundaries crossing: from high-speed digital-hardcore-like mutation, ill-logical audio collage/cut-up, microsound-like tones/bleeps/crackles, defective audio deconstruction, pseudo-post-rock movement, and brutal harsh noise to melodic sonic expression. Re-visioning of our ideas (illusions) on ego, unity, reality and eternity through a gestalt of sonic polytheism.

One may consider this as a philosophical quest not unlike “Uroborus: A Study on No-Input Device”. The only difference is that, this time, an extreme opposite path has been chosen.
Or simply, consider this as an illogical self-portrait, or a schizophrenic quest for ultimate reality. Assuming that, the difference between madman and artist is that, the former dives into the world of unconscious and seldom comes back, while the latter, is an expert traveler between the “mad” world and the “normal” world…

相對於“Uroborus: A Study on No-Input Device”那介乎微模主義及壞聲學的漫長探索,“60 Seconds: A Schizophrenic Manual for Eternity” 是出發自另一極端的概念實驗。 十八首形態極異偏離的六十秒作品,所組成的,是一個近乎精分裂的聲響世界。瘋狂的高速電子崩音、理念曲歪的聲像拼貼、微聲電學似的壞音殘響、崩壞的聲像解構、類後搖滾的展示形態、狂亂的狂暴噪音以至旋律化的短編小品。極端變化之間,所挑戰的,是我們有關於自我、統一性、現實及永恆的概念/假像。

啓發自由Sleepatwork所策動的網路計劃”60 Seconds”,“60 Seconds: A Schizophrenic Manual for Eternity”進一步以支離及多元焦點的思考狀態,繪畫出一幅扭曲、有關於追遂終極現實的精神病患自畫像。


Composition and instrumentation by Sin:Ned (
Piano improvisation by Jennifer Lee (12 & 15)
Additional loops by the Tapegerm collective (05 & 06)
Track 14 contains sonic elements extracted from “Pentalog” by Sin:Ned + Chainsaw Riot
Original concept by Sleepatwork (
Cover art by Sleepatwork (
Tracklisting :
01. the 1st sign (0:60)
02. fraction (0:60)
03. dead child flying (0:60)
04. conspiracy (0:60)
05. transmission (0:60)
06. destroyer (0:60)
07. infraction part 1 (0:60)
08. infraction part 2 (0:60)
09. infraction part 3 (0:60)
10. lost in the park (0:60)
11. there is no one here (0:60)
12. someone is here (0:60)
13. secret signs (0:60)
14. interlog (0:60)
15. something is here (0:60)
16. maitreya’s shadow (0:60)
17. refraction (0:60)
18. treasure (0:60)

Sin:Ned reviewed by The Wire

叫人意想不到的發現。於第271期的The Wire雜誌中,竟有一篇關於自己於Lona發表的3” CDR “Uroborus: A Study On No-Input Device”之短評。

有趣的是,名氣大如 The Wire的雜誌也會忙中有錯:

1. Sin:Ned不等於Lona。Lona是出版 “Uroborus: A Study On No-Input Device”的廠牌。

2. “Uroborus: A Study On No-Input Device”乃透過電腦及音樂軟件創作而成,並非自家製樂器。詳情可參閱 Lona Records 網頁。

不過能夠看見自己的作品在The Wire中被提及,無論如何也是一件可喜的事。