Monday, December 09, 2013

Freespace Micro: 拾‧年 Decade



Aiming to trigger new interpretations of the metropolis, ten musicians were invited to compose a musical piece based on historical pictures of Hong Kong to be performed at #FreespaceFest this year. "Decade" will take the audiences through an audio-visual experience transcending medium, form, time and space.

自由野 Freespace Fest 2013
14/12 7:00-7:40pm @木板地 Deck
15/12 7:00-7:40pm @木板地 Deck

Shadow Kim
Chin King
Alain Chiu
Shane Aspegren
Leung Yan Chiu
Dennis Wong (Sin:Ned)
Sascia Pellegrini
Kung Chi Shing
Wilmer Chan
Choi Sai Ho

Hong Kong Film Archive
Fieldwork Productions
Fieldwork Productions
Video Producer:
Chan Wing Chiu

Video Editor:
Lee Yat Fung

Music Director:
Steve Hui (Nerve)

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