Monday, March 29, 2010

Switched On! Mini Festival

Switched On! Mini Festival
Electronics + Improv + Workshops @ Osage Soho
April 1-9 2010

Be Switched On! this April @ Osage Soho

* Performances by international and Hong Kong artists
* Workshops on the crafts of synthesizing, field recording, circuit bending and much more! Suitable for artists, musicians and anyone curious about sound and sonic art.

Booking and enquiry
Nancy Chua: Tel: (852) 2172 1696
Carven Ho: Tel: (852) 2537 0688

01.04.2010 (Thu)
Artists’ Talk: Techno(sexual) Bodies X

Launch of dorkbot-hk, the Hong Kong station of the international network for electricity. This will be followed by talks by the co-curator and artists from the exhibition Techno(sexual) Bodies, at Videotage, the founder of dorkbot-sf, programmer of Stelarc's Prosthetic Head and Survival Research Lab. They will present their projects relating to sex, technology, post-humanism and cyberspace. The talk is co-presented by dorkbot-hk and Videotage

Speakers: Johannes Grezfurthner (Austria), Heather Kelley (USA/CAN), Karen Marcelo (USA), Bonni Rambatan (Indonesia)

01.04.2010 (Thu)

Performance: Tetragrammaton (Japan) + Dickson Dee (Hong Kong)
+ Richard Francis (NZ)

Tetragrammaton (Japan)
TOMO - Hurdy Gurdy, Soprano Saxophone, Theremin, Electronics
Cal Lyall - (Tabletop) Guitar, Electronics
Nobunaga Ken - Drums, Percussion

April 3-4 WORKSHOPS with Hong Kong Sound Artists
No experience necessary
Workshop tickets:$150 (Standard) $120 (Concession) or $400 / $ 320 (Concession) for all three workshops

03.04.2010 (Sat)

Extend Your Ears
An Introduction to Field Recording, by Edwin Lo

In this workshop on field recording, Edwin Lo will show how to successfully record the sounds surrounding you and how they can be transformed and incorporated in a sonic art work. He will explain the different perspectives of this practice by sharing his thoughts, and will guide you through his experiences, different creative works and actual field-recording. This will enable the participants to have a better understanding of this technique.

04.04.2010 (Sun)

Unorthodox Sound Making with Wong Chung-fai, a.k.a Sin:Ned

Wong Chung-fai will lead participants to explore non-standard sound making processes with everyday objects. Get hands on with electronics and explore the hidden sounds around you!
Wong Chung-fai, a.k.a Sin:Ned will lead this workshop is for all those who believe that all sounds are equal, and all sounds deserved to be listened equally and deeply; those who hear music in noise and have fond interest in the beauty of chaos and errors and those who want to explore the hidden sounds around us and alternative approaches to sounds and music.
What to expect: Theory and practice of non-standard sound making processes, ranging from circuit bending to mis-use of non-musical devices. The workshop will feature live demonstrations by sound artist Sin:Ned and his avant-group No One Pulse. No previous experience is necessary.
What to bring: Open mind and old small battery operated devices such as: radio, old mobile phones, remote controls, wireless mouse…etc.

09.04.2010 (Sun)

Become a Sound Sculptor
Using Synthesizers and Effects, with Paul Yip

This workshop with Paul Yip will teach participants how to make interesting and distinctive sounds and create a unique sound sculpture with your own hand. Using synthesizers and effects: ADSR envelopes, filters, oscillators, ring modulators, LFO, reverb, delay, distortion, overdrive etc, this workshop will demonstrate the infinite ways to create interesting and distinctive sounds and allow participants to create their own sound sculptures.

09.04.2010 (Fri)
$120/80 (with 1 free CD of iii)
Performance: C-drík (Belgium/ Zaire) Live In Hong Kong 2010,
Supported by Alok/ KWC
Live Visual by Wong Chung-fai
From electro-acoustic to electro-ethnic experimentations, from punk to free jazz…

C-drík Fermont, Belgian musician born in Zaire (DRC) travels all over the world looking for new sounds. From electro-acoustic to electro-ethnic experimentations, from punk to free jazz. He satisfies his curiosity through the production of Asian and African artists on his label Syrphe, currently writing a book about experimental and electronic music in both continents. C-drík collaborates with avant-garde musicians (Mick Harris, Yan Jun, etc.), traditional ones (Khamsuane Vongthomkhan) or theatre and dance companies (Anh Khánh Studio, Guangzhou Modern Dance Company, etc.) or visual art and cinema (Gisèle Pape).

Monday, March 08, 2010


I am you are on MILK high

合作﹕Katrien Jacobs及梁學彬及公開招募之演員參與(罗丁丁、范幸薇、小谷子、雅澄、小丁、潘柬芝、陳偉江、張葦兒、Kim Haslam、羅家南、歐仲南、卓灝賢、Sebastian Lindstrom、Alicia Sully及更多表演者)

興奮音頻序列﹕Stéphane Perrin

與展覽《電幻(性愛)機器》 同期進行,MILK+ 齊集藝術家鄭淑麗(聞名於日本科幻色情電影I.K.U.), Katrien Jacobs (聞名於 與梁學彬 (聞名於其媒體藝術作品「東方婊子」)將錄映太奇化身為反烏托邦的科幻場景,展出誘惑、頹廢與墮落等故事脈絡,將你帶進2050年的性愛境界。 帶來性興奮之餘,再次喚醒大眾對愛滋病傳播的關注。



2050 年,遺留在倖存愛滋病患者的突變病毒,再重組人類的DNA 模式,並繁殖出MILK GEN。MILK GEN在到達高潮時,會射出一種含天然安多芬衍生物的白色液體。當這種代號為MILK 的白色液體與皮膚接觸時,安多芬會滲透到皮膚,造成使人上癮的快感,這種快感打通人類終極性慾感官的脈絡。

MILK 是專屬廿一世紀的白色液體,就如二十世紀人類依靠白色粉末(可卡因)達致快感一樣。MILK GEN的存在,可追溯自20 世紀後期,政府及製藥工業對研究愛滋病藥物試驗失敗。MILK被列為非法,MILK GEN會被毒販徵募來從事高利潤的性及毒品交易。另一邊廂,政府派遣具免疫力的MILK特工,對MILK GEN進行殲滅或提供復康。

表演由okamoto及CJM Co., Ltd.贊助



I am you are on MILK high
a performance of simultaneous acts with SEX, DRUGS and MUTATED virus

A collective performance
Concept/direction - Shu Lea Cheang
in collaboration with Katrien Jacobs, Isaac Leung
with open casting call participation
(Justin Ross, Fine Hang Mei Natalie, Daisykuk, Anson, siuding, Poon Kan Chi, Wai Kwong Chan, Venus Weier Tjang, Kim Haslam, Law Ka-nam, Charles Au, Cheuk Ho Yin, Sebastian Lindstrom, Alicia Sully and more)

Sound by Sin:Ned
Arousal sequencing by Stéphane Perrin

In conjunction with Techno(sexual) Bodies exhibition at Videotage, MILK+ brings together artists Shu Lea Cheang (famed for her I.K.U. Japanese scifi porn), Katrien Jacobs (famed for and Isaac Leung (famed for Oriental Whore) to transform Videotage into a sci-fi dystopia landscape with scenes of seduction, decadence, corruption and above all sexual arousal and cautious reawakening of AIDS epidemic.

Date: March 27, 2010 (Sat)
Time: 9pm-11pm
Venue: Videotage
Address: Unit 13, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

**FREE ADMISSION (Aged 18+ only)**


By year 2050, the mutated virus left in the survivors of HIV positive has reconstituted the DNA patterns and given birth to the MILK GEN. The MILK GEN when arriving at orgasm ejaculate white fluid that contains a natural endorphin derivative. Code named MILK, the white fluids when contacting with skin, the endorphin diffused through the skin, gives an addictive high, a high that pumps up all needle entry points of ultimate sexual sensation.

MILK is the white fluid for the 21st century, as the white powder was for the 20th century high.

The MILK GEN’s existence manifests failed AIDS drug experiment conspired by the Government and the pharmaceutical industry in the late 20th century. MILK is declared illegal. The MILK GEN are sought after by druglord for profitable sex and drug trade. Meanwhile, the government dispatches android MILK AGENT who are programmed immune to the addictive high to round up MILK GEN for termination and rehabilitation.

Sponsored by okamoto and CJM Co., Limited.

Disclaimer: All parts of this program Techno(sexual) Bodies contain sexually-oriented adult content. Permission to enter the venue and to view the performance and the exhibition is strictly limited only to adults who are at least 18 years of age or older, and are voluntarily choosing to view such sexually-explicit visuals.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Rebuilding Haiti

Sin:Ned will be doing sound support and live visual for Alok, while No One Pulse and KWC will be performing at Sigma Space Kwun Tong this Sat (Mar-6).