Sunday, November 25, 2012

Experimental Music Concert presented by Kung Music Workshop

29 /11 ( Thu) 8:30pm
Hidden Agenda

Line up:

Meta Fog

Wilmer Ongsitco Chan



Mike Yuen / Noel Li

William Lane @ HK New Music Ensemble

$120 (ticket at the door)

Friday, November 09, 2012

Exhibition: Soundtracking#JohnCage4'33''

John Cage is one of the most influential figures in contemporary art history. Soundtracking #John Cage 4’33” takes the chance to celebrate his centennial by re-thinking his most famous and controversial composition 4’33” in the current collaborative digital era.

Fourteen talents whose expertise lies in different fields are invited to reinvent a new 4’33 through collaborating with each other through the Media Wiki platform. The Media Wiki project is a constant expanding, evolving and open ended project where the spirit of sharing and collaborating are emphasized. With the actual engagement of the artists and the general public, new generated versions of 4’33” will be exhibited and performed together as part of the Wikitopia Festival.

The Exhibition Opening will take place on the 1st November in K11 at 6pm, and welcome all to come and support!

Tsim Sha Tsui K11 Art Mall B2

Exhibition Period:
1st November-11th November
(12 Noon-10 pm Everyday)
Free Admission

Soundtracking#JohnCage4'33'' participating Artists:

朱力行 Henry Chu
許敖山 Steve Hui (Nerve)
李天倫 Otto Li
羅家恩 Aenon Loo
鮑藹倫 Ellen Pau
曾翠珊 Jessey Tsang
Eunice Martins
SuperTimes (Marco de Mutiis, Philip Kretschmann & 黃智銓 Kenny Wong)
王志勇 Chiyung Wong
黃仲輝 Dennis Wong
葉浩恩 Paul Yip
袁智聰 Yuen Chi-chung