Saturday, December 12, 2009


Album: ISW
Artist: Wong Chung-fai
Sound Walker (16:32)
Composed, performed & mastered by Wong Chung-fai
An imaginary sound walk based on field recordings taken at Central and Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Photography by Wong Chung-fai
Cover design by niuniutu at I/A Studio

C 2009 Wong Chung-fai

P+C 2009 GiN Label

GiN007 Made in China
Listening at:

About "ISW"
ISW is a series of Imaginary Sound Walk based on field recording materials.

In this first release, an imaginary journey was constructed based on field recordings taken from Central, Sheung Wan and Kwun Tong in Hong Kong.

This sound work was originally composed for Lee Chi Leung’s book “Room”. The journey is about a shamanistic search for the lost soul of the sick.

In shamanism, it is believed that people get sick because they lost their soul, and it is the shaman’s job to rescue their lost soul from the underworld.

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