Sunday, October 11, 2009

NOTCH 2009 Guangzhou - I'D Rather Dance With a Monster

Notch09 Guangzhou steps three nights of Nordic frenzy, from the eclectic beauty of techno Ambient, to bubbling electronica, and to inventive geeky fun. No more identity crisis- at least one of your multi-selves can identify with this exclusive Nordic festival in town.


I. Project Aurora

Wed. Oct. 28. Biosphere(Norway) /Food(Norway) /MoHa!(Norway)/ VJs Notch 09 Guangzhou opens with a sensual exploration of the modern arctic ambience. The audio-visual feast contains a most diverse cast of electronic ambient, catering for every one of your five senses. Now forget about work, sink with us into a timeless abyss of sounds and float your soul elsewhere. Id-entities: adventurer/drifter


Last year DBG put on quite a show at SOUND FROM MONSTER. Now the same crew is casting new sounds in celebration of the nordic attack. Fresh vocals and crispy electro will together play up the very local CH part of NotCH.

Id-entities: Canto-curious

The Pancakes(Hong Kong)/ Secret By(Guangdong)/ Modern Children(Hong Kong)/ YuFeiMen(Guangdong) / Zhaoze (aka. The Swamp) (Guangdong)


II. Project Beats

Fri. Oct. 30. Rumpistol(Denmark)/ Vectral(Denmark)/ Ost & Kjex(Norway) For one night only Guangzhou’s Sapphire morphs into a throbbing Nordic dance floor. The recklessly quirky pulse echoes the age of retro disco, fused with a funky house groove. Psych up, dress up, tune up, and style up your wild self.

Id-entities: danceholic/ fashionista


III. Project Cult

Sat. Oct. 31. Sin:Ned (Hong Kong)/Snöleoparden(Denmark)/ La Belle Indifference(Denmark)/ Morten Riis(Denmark)/ Eero Johannes(Finland)

Pumpkins and skulls are off the Halloween scene – the edgy techno gurus have replaced them with sequencers, synthesizers, self-invented programs, Nintendo sound effects and all sorts of digital gadgets to toy with. Trick or Treat and ghostly madness are still on the menu.

Id-entities: gamer/brainiac


8:00pm 10.28- 10.31, 2009, Sapphire Art Space

Add. 2/F Holiday Inn, No.28 GuangMing Lu, Huanshi Dong, Guangzhou

Hotline 020-83840681

Tickets: 160 RMB (walk-in)/ 120RMB (reserved)

VIP Tickets: 280 RMB (walk-in)/ 200RMB (reserved)

*VIP Tickets gift sets for NOTCH 09 SET Deign by Guangzhou

*advanced Booking:

1.Taobao; reservation:

3.PLAYGROUND (2/F, NO. 238 Wenmin Rd., Guangzhou)

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