Monday, April 01, 2013

Closing Performance - Kago Shintaro Unsanitary HK Exhibition

Gary War (US)
Purple Pilgrims (NZ)
Caligine (IT)
Composers Union of New Tunes (HK)

21 APR, 2013 (SUN)
OPEN: 8:00 PM
START: 8:30 PM
Admission: HK$100 (Advance) / HK$130 (At door)
CIA (Culture Industries Association)
Unit 7, 8/F, Block B, Wah Tat Industrial Centre, 8-10 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Hing, Kowloon, Hong Kong
華達工業大厦B座八樓七室, 八至十號華星街, 葵興
Enquiry & booking: rerecordshk(at)gmail(dot)com
Gary War
Gary War is an Avant-Garde musician born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1979. His recordings combine tape and digital collage techniques with heavily synthesized electronic psychedelia, acid punk, musique concrete and certain elements of classical music, progressive rock and dance music into a mutant strain of damaged yet accessible future music. War is currently based in New York City and Gloucester, MA.
Purple Pilgrims
Purple Pilgrims are two NZ/now Hong Kong based sisters, Clementine and Valentine Nixon and the sonics are out of this world, with distant, barely audible female vocals over heavenly smears of super-degraded guitar amp hiss and the feel off muzzy choral music with undersea fidelity and an inchoate devotional aspect that is spectacularly affecting. (...) Spectacularly beautiful, with an expressive use of fidelity that goes well beyond the long blank and into radical new zones of suggestive lo-grade/high-mass psych.
Caligine is the Italian word for haze, smog, mist. It all started five years ago as a move away from moving away. Smokey and hazy acoustic textures beneath a grain of noisy dust. A process carried on year by year, worshipping the grain of wood. Rejecting the form, accepting the embrace. A collective endeavor without belonging. If art is stealing from the most obscure sources, we’re looking for pure craftsmanship: psychedelic ragas, strings cascading in chained loops, loose fingerpicking and all the pretty little bells.
Composers Union of New Tunes
Composers Union of New Tunes is a lethal free Improvisational duo from Hong Kong formed by Kevin Pan (guitars, vocals) and Callum MacKenzie (sax). Kevin used to play in bands like Heta Uma and Charisma. Callum is currently playing in a wide variety of different jazz groups in Hong Kong.

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