Monday, May 20, 2019

Metroscan Live in Hong Kong & Macao

Re-Records presents: Metroscan Live

Metroscan是一個由立匋宛藝術家Vytautas 及Vaclovas創作的未來派電子聲影演出。以高速把都市節奏壓縮成近乎壞音派的互動聲影,Metroscan是後都會世界的速影及掃描。

為Metroscan暖場的,是本土電音的精銳之聲:Shelf-Index的DJ set,Crystal Bug聲影電音及Zebra Kills Horse的模組合成電音。

Metroscan is a futuristic audiovisual work of Vytautas and Vaclovas from Lithuania that combines glitch electronica and live visuals.

Dealing with the subject of the megapolis, its informational speed, multipolarity and other post-urbanist vectors, the title Metroscan and the idea behind it are based on the multifaceted origin of the word “metro” (In Ancient Greek metron stands for measure). It is connected to metropolis, concepts of measuring, movement and transportation. “All of those concepts are “scanned” into highly concentrated sounds and visuals - a certain compressed informational avalanche of a large city, which through the means of digital technologies is melted into a purified, fluctuating aesthetic experience”

Vytautas V. Jurgutis (Electronics)
Vaclovas Nevčesauskas (Live visuals)

Supporting guests:
Shelf-Index (DJ set)
Crystal Bug (Electronics & live visuals)
Zebra Kills Horse (Electronics)

Date: May-31, 2019
Time: 8:30 PM
Venue: SAAL
Suite D, 3/F, 54 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
鴻圖道54號,景雲大厦3/F D

Admission: $180 (at door only)

Programme & Ticketing Enquiries

Jointly presented by Re-Records, SECOND & SAAL

Supported by The Lithuanian Council for Culture

Day’s Eye Records presents: Metroscan Live in Macao

Date: June-2nd 2019 (Sun)
Time: 16:30 - 19:30
Venue: Live Music Association

Main act:
Metroscan (Electronics & live visuals)

Special guests:
Cixtron (Modular synth)
Lastboss (Electronics)

Admission: $120 (at door only)

Supported by The Lithuanian Council for Culture

Jointly presented by Day’s Eye Records & PACE

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