Sunday, March 03, 2019

Noise to Signal 0.52: The Silence Session

Noise to Signal 0.52: The Silence Session
Dickson Dee | Nelson Hiu | Dennis Wong | Sherman | Vinc Kwok



李勁松是香港實驗音樂的擧足輕重人物,一直活躍於不同的聲音藝術項目及舞蹈場境;邱立信是香港即興演奏的重要先驅,音樂個性不拘一格,完全無視各旣定俗成的音樂體裁;Sherman亦是城中最天馬行空,個性最鮮明獨特的結他手之一;Vinc Kwok乃電子樂團tl;dl的核心成員,擅長模組電子合成器,但今次則另闢蹊徑,用上電子原音的手法;黃仲輝亦名Sin:Ned,專研各種無法被定義的演奏技法。


This is a special session to explore silence with sound.

An improvising group of five remarkable Hong Kong artists, Dickson Dee, Nelson Hiu, Dennis Wong, Sherman & Vinc Kwok, will start as a full quartet and slowly evolve into various forms and shapes until there is nothing left but silence…

Please note that this will be a non-stop performance without intermission.


Dickson Dee (Electronics)
Nelson Hiu (Flute, melodica, voice & found objects)
Dennis Wong (Stick, Percussions & Electronics)
Sherman (Acoustic guitar)
Vinc Kwok (Electronics)

Date: Mar-7, 2019
Time: 8:30 PM
Venue: SAAL
Suite D, 3/F, 54 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
鴻圖道54號,景雲大厦3/F D

Admission: $150 (at door only)

Programme & Ticketing Enquiries

Jointly presented by Re-Records, SECOND & SAAL

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