Thursday, January 14, 2016

noise=noise [] THE HIDDEN [] 22/01/16 Hong Kong




Friday 22nd January 2016
19:00 - 23:00
Mulitmedia Theatre, School of Creative Media
Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
Cornwall Street, Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong

LIVE:::noise: chemical, biological, cosmos, abstraction, contraction, integration, disintegration, magic, occult, the hidden, the unknown, secrecy, surveillance, stalking, telluric currents, feedback in all its forms, resonance, senses, being human, being non-human, just being, isolation, boredom, delusions, illusions, hallucinations, psychogeophysics, encoding, decoding, daemons, angels, spirits, belief systems, rituals, magnetism, radiation, pollution, waste, vortexes, power spots, whirlpools, dank backwaters, psychedelics, abyss, edge, alleyways, equality, electromagnetism, seances, meditation, recursion, sacred, conspiracy, UFO's, aliens, artefacts, monoliths, megaliths, God, deity, Devil, energy, mentality, assimilation, expulsion, perception, cognition :noise:::EVIL


PACIFIC 231 (live glitch installation between Dublin & HK)

AGE [ACOUSTIC GLITCH ENSEMBLE] (Needing no explanation)

KURDZNWHEY (psych-vortex)

ANDIO LAI (self-built sensors)


SIN:NED (noisetosignal)

THE LANGUAGE LAB (inborn communication)

A K (hypno_sub video installation from UK)

JADA & THE BOSS (encoding the skin)

PAUL YIP (resonant sounds)

ALEX YIU (activist av noise)

ZEBRA KILLS HORSE (sub-bass whirlpools & power spots)

MINKA STOYANOVA (assimilated visual being)

RYAN JORDAN (psychedelic abyss)

noise=noise began in 2006 as a live performance event aiming to develop a platform and network of artists, programmers, and researchers, working in the areas of noise, experimental, exploratory, and outsider arts.
Over the years it has showcased over 400 artists, academics, hackers, dancers, and performers ranging from the internationally acclaimed to the underground lurker. noise=noise events have occurred in a wide range of venues from contemporary art and academic institutions to derelict warehouses and squats.

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