Friday, January 23, 2015

ACO Sound-On-Site | Space Oddity #1: From Below

ACO Sound-On-Site | Space Oddity #1: From Below

Staircase exists on the edge of our memory, somewhere between subconscious and unconscious. Silently, it stays at the back, awaiting the forgotten. With a gesture pointing towards the underworld, it connects different spaces and floors of the building. It is the cradle of dream. Archetypal psychological analysis of space begins here…

Space Oddity is a series of space exploration session under the new ACO Sound-On-Site program. It is an alchemical lab to explore and develop a dialogue with the specific space in an unconventional manner.

e:ch & the innermost door (Voice & electronics / MO & HK)
KWC (Electronics / HK)
Sin:Ned (Guitar / HK)

Date: Jan...-25, 2015
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: Staircase, Art & Culture Outreach
Address: 14/F, Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Admission: Free Donation

Presented by Art & Culture Outreach
Curated by Twenty Alpha & Re-Records

For Enquiry:
2893-4808 /

About ACO Sound-On-Site
Sound-On-Site is a site specific program presented by ACO (Art & Culture Outreach) in collaboration with Twenty Alpha and Re-Records. With Sound-On-Site, we aim to develop an intimate and meaningful dialogue between the specific space, the artists and the audiences, and at the same time, create an inspiring art enjoyment experience for the audiences.


《艺鵠場域定聲 | 空間置異之一 : 從下》



e:ch & the innermost door(電子及人聲/澳門、香港)
KWC (電子/香港)
Sin:Ned (結他/香港)

日期:一月二十五日, 二零一五年

策劃:Twenty Alpha & Re-Records

2893-4808 /

《場域定聲》是一個由艺鵠主辦,並由Twenty Alpha及Re-Records策劃,以聲音為焦點的場域特定藝術計劃。藝術家及觀眾,會透過不同的特定場域,及富啟發性及趣味性的藝術體驗,進行親密而意味深長的對話。

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