Thursday, August 28, 2014


Music for Surrealist Movies

Live sound track performed by Swiss experimental trio DEER for silent surrealist films « La Perle » and « Monsieur Fantômas », with post-performance artist talk.

Live soundtrack:

Movie screening:
La Perle (Belgien 1929, 33 min), Henri d'Ursel
Monsieur Fantômas (Belgien 1937, 17 min), Ernst Moermann

Date: Sep-13, 2014
Time: 8:30 PM
Venue: VIP Room, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
Admission: Pay What You Want

Jointly presented by Re-Records &Twenty Alpha
Venue sponsor: HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

About the movies:
La Perle was a surrealist film directed by Henri d'Ursel in 1929 under the pseudonym "Henri d'Arche". Henri d'Ursel was born in Brussels, Belgium. During the 1920s, he lived in Paris at the height of the surrealist and avant-garde movements. The film was based on a story by Georges Hugnet. In the film, a young man buys a pearl for his fiancée. He walks out of the jewelry store that opens onto a forest. He counts the pearls and realizes one is missing so he gets back to the store. On entering he catches sight of an alluring saleslady sitting on a showcase with her skirt lifted. On one of her stockings, close to the garter, another pearl necklace is tied. The young man takes it away from her. Outraged, the jeweler fires the assistant, who goes away with the man sitting on the handlebar of his bike. After this, the pearl is lost, found, lost again.

Monsieur Fantômas was a surrealist film made by Ernst Moerman in 1937. Shot on a shoestring budget on a beach and in an old cloister, the style of this scathing surrealist satire is immediately recognizable as that of the Feuillade serials. In top hat and tails, the Master of Crime (played by the future father of French singer Johnny Hallyday) tours the world in pursuit of the beautiful Elvire, punctuating his travels with mischief and acts to offend proper decency. The film encompasses amour fou, the meanders of dreams, fanatical anti-clericalism and a plea for subversion and adventure in "a world where nothing is impossible, where the miracle is the shortest route from our uncertainty to mystery

About the performer
DEER is a trio formed by bass clarinet players Hans Koch, Christian Müller and Silber Ingold, three prominent heads of the experimental music scene of Biel, Switzerland. Their playful interest in electroacoustic experiments is not only leading to filigree sound architecture, but also to heavy and dark soundscapes.

The trio DEER explores the miscellaneous sound colours of the bass clarinet and the different manners of playing it. Equipped with all kinds of electronic devices and effects, the three musicians take a close look at the sound and search for new depth in the interaction of the acoustic tone and the electronic way of examining it. In extension of the conceptual approach the trio also allows elements of improvisation in its play, thus connecting strictness with interacting freshness and stylistic playfulness.

About Subliminal Lounge
Subliminal Lounge is a series of movie screening and live performance event initiated by Re-Records & Twenty Alpha to interactively explore and recreate the connection between moving images and sound.

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