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Date: Oct-29, 2013
Time: 8 PM
CIA (Culture Industries Association)
Unit 7, 8/F, Block B, Wah Tat Industrial Centre, 8-10 Wah Sing Street,...
Kwai Hing, Kowloon, Hong Kong
華達工業大厦B座八樓七室, 八至十號華星街, 葵興

Matija Schellander (Austria)
noid (Austria)
Naturalismo (Iatly)
Error: Wrong (Hong Kong)

Admission: $130 (at door only)

Presented by Re-Records & CIA

Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum Beijing

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Matija Schellander (Austria)
Matija Schellander is an Austrian composer and improvising musician

currently based in Vienna, mostly using double bass, modular synthesizer, and speakers: processing input, moving air output.

In 2012 his solo CD "sum šum" with 7 electroacoustic composition will be released by the small publishing office The Manual (Seoul).

Schellanders current double bass solo project is a three-part performance that incorporates space, movement, light and sound. Conceptual on one hand, it never dismisses the non-rational, sensual communicational possibility intrinsic in music.

Schellander regularly works with Rdeča Raketa (electracoustic duo with Maja Osojnik) and in duos with Enrico Malatesta (percussion / double bass) and Franz Hautzinger (quartertone trumpet / modular synthesizer) as well as thethe ensemble Low Frequency Orchestra (Castello/Grill/Osojnik/Schellander).Other collaborations include Okkyung Lee, Burkhard Stangl, Anja Utler, Isabelle Duthoit, Michael Thieke, Hannes Lingens, Klaus Filip, Choi Joonyong, Metalycée, Andrea Neumann, Katharina Klement, Chris Heenan, Olaf Hochherz, Lukas König, Daniel Riegler, Dieb13, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Ryu Hankil, Christof Kurzmann, Jin Sangtae, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Noid, Bernhard Lang...


noid (Austria)
noid /aka Arnold Haberl *1970, living in Vienna.

He studied cello and mathematics in Vienna, he is teaching at the Multimedia-Art department of the University for Applied Science in Salzburg.

The composer, sound-artist, cello player and improvisor understands his work as fundamental research leading to a wide range of contradictory outcome. Spanning from cello-solo and tape-pieces to compositions for ensembles, improvisation scores or performances with electronic or hybrid instruments, from sound-installations to videos and imaginary music. Also his contributions as a programmer for the freeware "ppooll" ( can be seen in this context.

This approach lead him to collaborations with visual artists as for instance Alexander Schellow, Heike Kaltenbrunner, Erik Hable or God's Entertainment, several choreographers like João Fiadeiro, Colette Sadler, Akemi Takeya, Philipp Gehmacher, and of course other musicians.

Beside his two long term ensembles "ease" (w/ Klaus Filip) and "b:f:n" (w/ Cordula Boesze und Wolfgang Fuchs) he was performing as an improvisor in various constellations, among others with: Taku Unami, Axel Doerner, Christian Weber, dieb13, o.blaat, Billy Roisz, Carl Stone, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Burhard Stangl, Hankil Ryu, etc...

He is part of the organizing team of the annual interdisciplinary festival "reheat" ( and the monthly performance series "Der Blöde Dritte Mittwoch" ( in Vienna. Since 2009 he is curating the sound-art exhibition in the frame of the festival "Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf". (


Naturalismo (Italy)
Gabriele de Seta, aka Calgine, from Italy. The mastermind behind Monstres par Excès.


Error: Wrong (Hong Kong)
Error: Wrong is a Hong Kong based guitarist / electronic musician / improvisor.


Re-Records is a record label initiated by experimental / electro-acoustic duo No One Pulse from Hong Kong. With Re, we don’t solely aim to be an outlet for releasing self-initiated or other affiliated projects, but also for artists and releases we deem interesting.

Noise to Signal is a performance series for improvised noise and experimental music within the context of performing art.

Artists who had performed in our concert series:
… (CH), iii (HK), 23N! (JP), After Doom (HK), ahshun aka bjornho (HK), Alexei Borisov (RU), Alfred 23 Harth (DE), Alok (HK), ASTMA (RU), Black Zenith (SG), Brian O’Reilly (SG), Caligine (IT), Christiaan Virant (FM3), Circuitrip (SG), Claudio Rocchetti (IT), Composers Union of New Tunes (HK), Da Xiao (CN), Dickson Dee (HK), dj sniff (NL), DJ Urine (FR), Diode (HK), e:ch (MO), Everdark (HK), Fiona Lee (JK), Fritz Welch (UK), Fumiko Ikeda (JP), Go Koyashiki (JP), Gregory Buttner (DE), Heroses (HK), High Wolf (FR), James Fei (US), Joao Vasco Paiva (HK), Jun-Y CIAO (CN), Kazuhisa Uchihashi (JP), Kevin Pan (HK), Klaus Janek (IT), KLC_NIR (CN), KWC (HK), Laurent Valdès (CH), Li YangYang (CN), Li Zenghui (CN), Lin Zhiying (CN), Margie Tong (HK), Mei ZhiYong (CN), Meta Fog (HK), Naturalismo (IT), Nerve (HK), No One Pulse (HK), Oetzi.P (HK), Olaf Hochherz (DE), Olga Nosova (RU), Patrick Donze (CH), Purple Pilgrims (NZ), Ricardo da Silva (CH), Richard Francis (NZ), Shelf-Index (HK), Sherman (HK), shotahirama (JP), Sin:Ned (HK), Syndrome WPW (CH), Taishi Kamiya (JP), Tetragrammaton (JP), The Invisible Frog and Time Machine aka Ronez (CN), Toshikazu Goto (JP), ::vtol:: (RU), Wilmer Ongsitco Chan (HK), Wilson Tsang (HK), Yan Jun (CN), Yang Xiu (CN), Yellow Crystal (HK), Yukitomo Hamasaki (JP), Zbigniew Karkowski (PL), ZenLu (CN), ZHANG You-Sheng (TW)…

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