Thursday, June 06, 2013

6.29 Kill The Silence Festival @ LMA Macao


Kill The Silence Festival







We have to Kill The Silence. We have no other option. Nothing in between.

The dead space of silence, between us.

2 stages!! 18 performing units from Macao, Hong Kong & Japan!! 12 hours of non-stop killing!!

All these insanity will be happening outside the system. The silence comes from the system, and we can only kill it, outside the system.

You Pay : What You Want!!

Your options: Stay inside the system to be rotten by silence, or jail break and Kill The Silence!!

Live Stage:
After Doom (HK / Noise / Rock / Improvisation)
Crosshair (MO / Rock)
dj sniff (JP / Electronic / Improvisation / Experimental)
e:ch (MO / Noise / Improvisation)
Heroses (HK / Rock / Experimental)
LAVY (MO / Rock)
Sherman (HK / Noise / Improvisation)
Sin:Ned (HK / Noise / Improvisation)
WhyOceans (MO / Rock)

A/V Stage:
Achun (MO / Electronic)
Burnie (MO / Electronic)
Error: Wrong (HK / Electronic / Experimental)
Fiona Lee (HK / Electronic / Experimental)
Forget the G (MO / Acoustic)
Heivard (HK / Electronic / Experimental)
KWC (HK / Electronic / Experimental)
Nerve (HK / Electronic / Experimental)
Sinek (MO / Electronic)

Date:June-29, 2013
Time:4:00 pm – 4:00 am
Venue:現場音樂協會 (LMA)
澳門美副將大馬路 48-48D 萬基工業大厦10 樓B
Av. Do Coronel Mesquita, Nos 48-48D, Edif. Ind. Man Kei,10B

Pay What You Want / 由你話事 (advance reservation & at door)
Ticket Office: 邊度有音樂 (Pin-to Musica)
Program Inquiry:(853) -28921191

主辦:Pin-to Musica / Day's Eye Records / Re-Records

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