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A freedom quest. An eternal struggle. Against the system. Featuring the lengendary Alfred 23 Harth.

Alfred 23 Harth (Germany)
Jun-Y CIAO (China)
Wilmer Ongsitco Chan (Hong Kong)
Composers Union of New Tunes + Sin:Ned (Hong Kong)

Date: Oct-9, 2012
Open: 8:00 PM
Start: 8:30 PM

Venue: Strategic Sounds
Workshop E, 10/F, High Win Factory building, 47 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Admission: HK$120 (at door only)

Presented by Re-Records & Strategic Sounds

For bookings and enquiries, please contact:
rerecordshk (at)

About the performers

Alfred 23 Harth
Multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer and visual artist Alfred Harth was born near Frankfurt in 1949. He first recorded at age twenty with the ensemble Just Music, with whom he recorded two LP's, one of which was issued on ECM. Throughout the 1970s he worked with musicians like pianist Nicole Van Den Plas, drummer Sven-Ake Johansson, bassist Peter Kowald, trumpeter Michael Sell and others in West European free music. In the late '70s, he became interested in punk music and in addition to a regularly-working duo with multi-instrumentalist Heiner Goebbels, he worked in punk / progrock / improvisation / modern composition combos like Cassiber and Gestalt et Jive. Since moving to Seoul, South Korea in 2001, he has been involved with Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra and his own multi-media projects.


1978 - Born in Shanghai
2005 - Founded the free music group MTDM
2006 - Graduate the study at the Academy of Fine Arts Düsseldorf, Germany
2008 - Graduate the Meister Class at the Academy of Fine Arts in University Mainz, Germany
Since 2009 - Editor for Art World Magazine, Shanghai
2009 - Founded the acoustic-electronic project “Power Wood Quality”
2009 - Founded the artist collective “ZUZHI” with LI Mu, TAO Yi and XU Zhe
2011 - Founded “the Free Music Collective of Shanghai” with YIN Yi

MTDM, it means “horse without legs” literally in Chinese. Two young artists, who commit themselves to a free and spontaneous music, founded this band in 2005 in Düsseldorf. Similar to the Fluxus predecessors’ exploration into the cross-border arts, the practice of MTDM can be considered a tribute to the pioneers. MTDM seems to be synonymous with “good-for-nothing”. In almost all of the Western films, if the legs break, the horse will be killed by cowboys with no exception. The two members, Jun-Y and TAO Yi, both were born in the year of horse - in 1978. “Horse without legs”, the self-mocking name, implies exactly the profound thinking of the two artists on how to walk without legs.


Wilmer Ongsitco Chan
Wilmer Ongsitco Chan (b.1985) has recently completed his Bachelor degree in Music Theory/Composition and Studio Art from Lawrence University, WI.

Wilmer’s main interest however lies in the spontaneity and freedom in musical improvisations, and wishes to continue perform and help promote such practice in Asia in the future.


Composers Union of New Tunes + Sin:Ned
Composers Union for New Tunes is a lethal free Improvisational duo from Hong Kong formed by Kevin Pan (guitars, vocals) and Callum MacKenzie (sax). Kevin used to play in bands like Heta Uma and Charisma. Callum is currently playing in a wide variety of different jazz groups in Hong Kong.

Sin:Ned, aka Wong Chung-fai, is an unorthodox sonic evangelist who practices improvisational mysticism. He is the co-founder of Re-Records ( and No One pulse. Currently also one of the Advisors of soundpocket (

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