Monday, August 18, 2008

No One Pulse - LINGK

LINGK is the first full-length release of the experimental concept duo No One Pulse from Hong Kong.

Consisted of both studio and live performance recordings, LINGK is a collection of works of the duo's micro sound experiment and free-form "electronics" improvisation.

If all things are made up of sound;

If all sounds have a life of its own;

Instrumentalists and their instruments are equal.

It is not one playing the other in the relationship of user and tool.

It is the resonance of sound between two bodies: the instrumentalist and the instrument.

It is an approach of seeing things and ourselves in the perspective of sound.

Re-defining things and re-interpretation of the world in terms of sound.

All instruments and devices, be they musical or non-musical instrument, are being turned into "sound making" device by tapping into their internal process. The whole sound making process becomes an improvised dance between two sonic resonance entities.

The result is a new kind of "electronics" music that embraces randomness, chaotic structure, improvisation and microsound methodology.

1. Room 337 (The Towel)
2. Kapok
3. Room 337 (The Mattress)

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