Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What? Sounds?

We are here
Making noises
Listening deeply
To one another
Thru sound, we unite
With sound, we are going to fly
Not far out there
But deep inside, we go
We are the forgotten sons
Yes I know
But all sounds equal
This, we shall not forget
My dear
All sounds equal
is the beauty
Of our voices
All sounds equal

My big shout out and deepest respect...

Alok: My pure minimalist, without you, we will have no new music in HK now

KWC: I will never stop being amazed by your ideas & imagination

Nerve: You are true master of sound!!

VSOP: Let's get up and dance again guys, you are the greatest avant-garde unit in HK.

Fathmount: My respect to the only free-form improv guitarist...let's not stop here...the fun had just begun.

LWTV: My dear anarchist, all sounds equal and no sound shall tear us apart. Thru sound, we shall unite.

Wilson Tsang: You teach me the true beauty of the black & white keys.

Cedric: Hey, let's not keep the art secert. Shall we dance?

Edwin: Yes, let's surrender to the sounds around us!

Ahshun: The world is gloomy, but what the heck?

Sherman: I see a freedom that cannot be destroyed easily...

Anson: We shall never give up our trust and love in sound.

Dickson: Big big shout out...from home (you know, where the heart is)


  1. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Somehow, reading this entry is sensational.....Things are just started. Go further.


  2. Yes, let's move on, together....

  3. Anonymous2:15 AM

    Hey ho let's go!

  4. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Your manifesto really moves me!
    With the efforts from you guys, I see the new dawn of local new music scene.
    Thanks for the contribution.


  5. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Keep moving on!!!

  6. Anonymous1:32 AM

    sin-ned: i see a sexy man in his sexiest...

  7. Anonymous1:34 AM

    sin-ned: i see a sexy man at his sexiest in this entry...


  8. “When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating.”
    John Cage, 1937.