Friday, February 09, 2007

Playlist 070209

Various Artists - Mixtape for Evisu 2007 (Lona Records, pre-release copy)

CHoP - Over A Foul Line / Simple Questions (etaLABEL)

Ghost - In Stromy Nights (Drag City)

Overhang Party - Live Before And After (Musik Atlach)

Wu Quan - Support The Umbrella To Stand In Dust That Float Float (Kwanyin Records)

Tie Guan Yin Duo - Live At 798 Cubic Art Centre (Kwanyin Records)

Dead J - Mental Magic (Modern Sky)

Longmo - Sanban (Leerraum)

Zbigniew Karkowski & Li Chin Sung - Revenge Of Yin And Yang (Noise Asia)

Zbigniew Karkowski/Li Chin Sung/Wang Fan/Fannullone - Live At Waterland Kwanyin (Kwanyin Records)

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