Sunday, January 28, 2007

Playlist 070128

Cale/Conrad/Maclise/Young/Zazeela - Inside The Dream Syndicate Volume I: Day Of Niagara (1965) (Table Of The Elements)

Tony Conrad - Early Minimalism Volume One (Table Of The Elements)

John Cale - New York In The 1960s (Table Of The Elements)

Tony Conrad with Faust - Outside The Dream Syndicate (Table Of The Elements)

Tony Conrad - Slapping Pythagoras (Table Of The Elements)

Charlemagne Palestine - Strumming Music (New Tone)

Charlemagne Palestine - God Bear (Barooni)

L W TV - Put On The Headphone and Turn To 10 (Lona Records)

Alok & L W T V - Amidst The Boredom They Gather Forces (Little Sound)

L W T V Live @ Videotage Jan-20, 2007 (private recording)

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